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  • Newleaf - So dull

    I thought it was just me ...that I don't read much and my attention span is a problem. Or that I'm not intelligent enough to understand the depth of these stories. But then I came here and found other reviews about the dullness by people who loved previous years' selections. These stories are simply too show paced for me.

  • Karen S. - Great Product - Great Fit

    The front window on the C-Max is HUGE & this covers it all & keeps my car cool under hot sun! It rolls up easily & stores on my back seat. Great product!! Would highly recommend.

  • DocJ2005 - A must, along with BRS Pathology and QBank

    I wouldn't recommend reading this book 6 times cover to cover as the guy below me did, but it's definitely a must for Step I. Good images, great high yield info, wonderful index, great buzz-word association section, and helpful reviews of other medical texts at the end. You're making a big mistake if you don't pick this one up... if you have the time (and the lack of social life) to read this book cover to cover 6 times, more power to you... if you get through it once, more power to you. A must!