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Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment - The journal focuses on cancer metastasis and treatment. The coverage includes basic and clinical studies related to cancer cell, cell biology, oncology, radiation therapy and radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, hematology, neuro-oncology, etc.

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  • Ken W - Outstanding for washing oriental rugs

    Outstanding for washing oriental rugs (provided you know what you are doing in other respects). Very gentle on the wool, preserving its luster and adding lanolin, but an excellent agent to remove dirt and superficial stains. Of course, with oriental carpet cleaning one must also be careful with color runs from various dyes used in the manufacture of the rugs. But Mane 'n' Tail itself is premier with cleaning rugs.

  • Anonymous - It is a really good product. Don't expect immediate results

    It is a really good product. Don't expect immediate results, as for almost all fading cream products take a few days for scars to brighten. Just keep the area clean and use this cream twice or three times a day and the scar should brighten after each week of using it. I've been using it for my forehead acne scars for two months and now I can barely see them!

  • musicmt - Fabulous book!

    I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who over the past 5 years has changed the way I do my practice to a way more holistic approach. This book was recommended by a colleague and is well worth the money! Great information, well written and is a book that should be read by every medical provider.

  • Rebecca Beason - Curls sometimes

    Overall it actually does what it says, it curls your hair in nice ringlet curls and are even and uniform each time. I like this product, but you need squeaky clean hair in order to get the curls you want. It tells you to use this on clean hair which I do, but I have to use it right after I blow dry my hair in the morning. If I use this later on in the day after my hair gets a little oily than this does not produce any curls, just waves even on the highest setting. I like this product overall.

  • Warren Liebold - As Usual "Missing Manual" Hits the Spot

    If you're going to go beyond the elementary level use of Excel you need a manual or need to put up with the Help function of MS Office. MS Office's Help support isn't bad but it's awkward to work with and sometimes incomplete.

  • J. Benedict - She was in horrible pain daily in her pelvic area

    Chenged my wife's life. She was in horrible pain daily in her pelvic area. She had a really tough menstral cycle during the first month of taking these, but said, she felt like it truly changed for the best. She says she had thick scar tissue, that is now so thinned out, that she cannot feel it in he c-section area. She moves more fluidly, and does not have daily episodes of pain. She takes one in the morning, and lies back down before work. She notices deep calm sleep, and vivid pleasant dreams while taking this supplement. She then takes another in the afternoon about an hour after she's had lunch. Great results.