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  • Paul Savich - Helps

    Gives you what you a great understanding of what your getting yourself into and help prepare you for what you need to know.

  • Paul Pearson - This book is libelous!

    This book contains several awful distortions and manipulations of the truth, as well as some outright lies, about large ships. It only contributes to the toxic culture of marine megalophobia that holds our world in poisonous sway. But then, that's the nature of our finger-pointing culture, isn't it? For example:

  • y10az - It works! But like any other diet - it takes commitment...

    Nothing works like this powder does! Don't get me wrong: if you're looking for an "easy way" to lose weight, this ain't it - it takes commitment. But it works in a very short time. First 3 days I do shake only (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Usually drop 5-8 lbs. Then I switch to the "reduction phase" which is 2 shakes a day and a low-carb meal (mostly veggies). I must say the powder itself tastes very very bland, so I usually mix a few drops of liquid chocolate stevia and a tablespoon of pure coco powder in there. Will it be the best tasting protein shake you ever had? No, but the nutrition in this shake is amazing. You will never feel hungry. You drink it and within 10 minutes or so - no more hunger for at least 5 hours, if not longer! It really cuts out my cravings too (I'm a terrible sweet-tooth), which is great! Once in the reduction phase, you can experiment a bit - they also have shake recipes on their website. I like to put some powdered peanut butter and a little bit of ripe banana in there - and it actually tastes really good! But beware of too much fruit - even the natural sugar can slow down your weight loss progress. I like that's it's very natural (no preservatives, etc.), and I'm pretty sure that my immune system has gotten better with this - I used to catch everything people had around me, now I'm almost immune, even with in the family I don't catch what they have. Love this powder, buying more right now!

  • Matthew Mansell - You will need to carefully pack the carrier with heavy items to avoid noise- it sounded like a herd of angry yellow jackets duri

    One of the tie down buckles broke during our trip from Ohio to Montreal, only half way through the trip. The carrier was also not rain-proof- though we did experience very heavy rain. This did get our luggage from point A to point B even with the broken tie down (we were able to otherwise secure it) which is why I did not give only 1 star. You will need to carefully pack the carrier with heavy items to avoid noise- it sounded like a herd of angry yellow jackets during our first leg of the trip- we solved this by placing heavier items in the carrier and making sure the carrier was completely full. We still had some noise on the trip home- but nothing unmanageable. I would consider buying again (we returned due to the defect) if they can make sure it will actually stay rain-proof and the tie down buckles are secure.