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  • K. Holz - CURED After Years of Illness, Weight Gain and Misdiagnoses Where Conventional Medicine Completely Failed

    After fighting a raft of symptoms for over five years (auto-immune hypothyroid disease, systemic acute auto-immune lymphatitis, severe uncontrollable weight-gain, , wheat / gluten intolerance and serious leaky gut), a friend who’d had similar problems suggested this book. I read the book, and thought: Can I really go without sugar, alcohol and most of my favourite foods for months? After five days of following this diet STRICTLY, i had already been relieved of incredible amounts of inflammation, four kilos of fluids in five days! After that, following the diet was easy and I started to think clearly and enjoy life again. I suggest this book to anyone with ongoing health problems that can’t be pin-pointed by your doctor. It can’t hurt you, and you’ll know in a few days if it’s going to help you! I’m now able to eat all my favourite foods again! You don’t have to give up everything forever, but you do need to learn what to do to balance your body’s body ecology and immune system.

  • Heidi Sloan - The cup itself is great. It compares to my yeti with regard to ...

    The cup itself is great. It compares to my yeti with regard to keeping coffee hot. However, although it came with 2 lids, both lids cracked after one use. There was no impact to the cup or lid, they just cracked after using the first time.

  • Gezellige_Poes - Since Pet Wellbeing is Apparently Filtering Reviews On Their Site, I Will Post Here... UPDATED

    I used Pet Wellbeing for many animals in 2011, starting with Carmen who had intestinal cancer. Others had a variety of health issues, or received the drops for general health maintenance. Spent 100s of dollars. I used these drops and various others, to include cancer support. I saw no noticeable improvement in any health profile and stopped using Pet Wellbeing.