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  • Luis Fernando Aguilar - Totally worked

    There are a lot of biased reviews on here giving it one star because they failed their drug test, or because it failed to cleanse their System to pass a drug test days later. So let me remind us all it will cleanse your body of toxins but will only mask and or hide THC in your system for a few precious hours. That being said, *** This is a 420 announcement***

  • RedErin - Dries my skin and looks cakey

    This didn't work for me at all. It's too thick, much more like a regular foundation. It doesn't blend well. And it dries out my skin. After I put this on my skin would start to flake. This was a waste of money.

  • Optimizer59 - Effective at removing junk where toothbrush and floss fail

    My dentist recently recommended trying an oral irrigator to help with plaque removal. I’ll admit I was rather skeptical at first, because I brush and floss religiously, and what else could an oral irrigator really do for me? My dentist told me it could help delay some low-grade gum recession, but that it’d also help get extra junk out from between my teeth. I suppose a $40 oral irrigator is less than periodontic surgery (or other unpleasant dental adventures), so I gave the SmarToiletries Cordless Professional Oral Irrigator a try.