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  • chrisb - ... and a lot of plastic screen protectors that are garbage. This review is for the iPhone 6s screen ...

    I've had a lot of phones and a lot of plastic screen protectors that are garbage. This review is for the iPhone 6s screen protector. These are easily the best screen protectors I've ever had. They have the feel of the original glass screen because they are glass. This pack comes with 2 tempered glass protectors, dust removal stickers just in case you get one tiny piece of dust on the screen right before installing the protector, and 2 of each, alcohol wipes and disposable dust free dry wipes. The glass itself has 2 tabs on the top and bottom so you can hold it and line it up perfectly while applying. I've seen other reviews where people complain that the glass is too small to cover the screen, but that's really by design because the edges of the iPhone screen are actually curved on the edges. This helps when you are trying to fit an Otterbox commuter or a Speck candy shell case which are both difficult to snap onto the phone and will not peel the edges of your newly installed screen protector. I've had 2 of these for over a year until I was riding my bike and my phone flew off of my holder and hit the pavement hard. There was a crack in the screen or so I thought. The screen protector actually absorbed the impact and when I peeled it off, the phone screen didn't even have a scratch or crack on it! My daughter also dropped her phone on the pavement, landing on its corner, the tempered glass protector absorbed the impact and cracked. After peeling it off there was no damage to the screen. Keep in mind both of these phones did have cases on them but I've had phones crack with a case on when it hits the ground just right. Again, these are the best screen protectors you can buy because you can't beat the durability or the feel of the tempered glass. For less than $10 for 2, this is a no brainer.

  • jamms26 - Not what it seems

    Quick books is not as easy as people say it is and also you have to get a license number for each computor or person you want using this product, after paying this amount of money and then having to pay them again is not good business. I would rather my accountant to do my paperwork than have paid all of this.

  • Amazon Customer - A great inexpensive project, but be patient

    I purchased this kit to do my kitchen counters and a bar top in my basement. After doing each of these I still have plenty of product left. I must say the kit price seems a bit high to me now, as I could have gone to Home Depot and purchased similar items individually for about half the cost! (It is only a sponge, some rollers, and fours small cans of paint, and a top coat).

  • Lawrence Wolfe - Actually works well

    I First was introduced to this product at the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington D.C. & finally got my hands on a production unit. It works just as well as I remember.... Makes Bad beer (Bud, miller, PBR, Natty, etc) taste good & good beer (Sierra Nevada, Monday Night, sweetwater, lagunitas, Sam adams etc) Taste great; almost like my favorite dessert [you have to try it to understand].

  • Tiffany Butler - Sleek

    I replaced an antenna that was broken, but love it better than the original. Works great and looks sleek.

  • Lisa A. Smith - Broke before we used it.

    I ordered this for my 13 year old son for Christmas. I was very excited that it came on time for Christmas. Unfortunately, it broke before my son was able to play with it. We were trying to adjust the pitch height by turning the knob on the front and it broke off. Could not be fixed! Despite this, Amazon was great with the return and my money was refunded promptly!

  • Current Resident - Powerful and well constructed

    We went through two blenders in the last 3 years due to breakage. I now wanted a blender that was powerful, well designed and dependable as opposed to the cheap models. I never heard of Ninja Blenders. To be honest the name is awful. It reminds me of a toy instead of an serious kitchen machine.