Clinical Research Organization | Phase I - IV Clinical Trials | inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical, a leading global supplier of drug development services offers comprehensive capabilities and expertise in Phase 1 - IV clinical trials and Pharmaceutical and regulatory consulting

  • Media Center - inVentiv Health Clinical - This section is dedicated to professional journalists in the general and trade media. inVentiv Health Clinical employs some of the world’s leading scientists, physicians, and researchers.
  • Investigators - About Being an Investigator - inVentiv Health Clinical - To provide the quality of clinical data and customer service our clients deserve, we are continually in need of the best principal investigators and primary research sites we can find. When you work with inVentiv Health Clinical, you’ll be joining a team of top scientists, physicians, researchers, and technicians, united in a goal of advancing human health.
  • Global Clinical Research Organization – About Us – Overview - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical provides bioanalytical services, phase I-III clinical trial and regulatory services, and phase IV post marketing studies to companies developing therapeutics and medical devices to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug and medical device companies around the world.
  • A Leading Global CRO – About Us – History - inVentiv Health Clinical - Founded in 1984, inVentiv Health Clinical today is a global drug development services company offering clinical development solutions, comprehensive Phase I-IV clinical capabilities, pharmaceutical and regulatory expertise, and a full spectrum of bioanalytical services.
  • A Leading Global CRO – About Us – Senior Management Team- inVentiv Health Clinical - The inVentiv Health Clinical Senior Management Team has diversified expertise and depth of experience across the entire spectrum of drug development technologies from discovery to post marketing. Specialized focus. Proven performance.
  • A Leading Global CRO – About Us - Corporate Responsibility - inVentiv Health Clinical - Our vision is to be recognized as the best-in-class partner for drug development services, and to achieve it, we operate within the industry’s highest medical, scientific, and regulatory standards, with uncompromising integrity and ethics, and respect for employees, clinical trial participants, investigators, suppliers, and the community.
  • Clinical Trials, Drug Development - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical is a global drug development services company providing bioanalytical services, phase I-IIa, phase IIb-III and phase IV clinical trial services, and regulatory consulting.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials – Overview - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical has the capacity you need to conduct Phase I-IIa clinical trials of virtually any size quickly and efficiently with dedicated clinical facilities comprising more than 350 beds in eight independent units in two facilities, An extensive database ensures rapid recruitment of study participants for a wide variety of trials.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials – First-in-Man Clinical Trials - inVentiv Health Clinical - For First-in-Man clinical trials, drug concentrations and biomarkers of interest can be measured on-the-spot in our bioanalytical laboratories, modeled by our scientists and integrated into study reports. We have worked extensively with both small molecules and biological compounds, including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and have the capabilities to manage all aspects of the study process.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials - First-in-Man Clinical Trials - Diverse Experience - inVentiv Health Clinical - Study designs for first-in-human, proof-of-concept, drug drug interaction, single ascending dose/multiple ascending dose and cardiac safety studies ensure streamlined execution of any study.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials - First-in-Man Clinical Trials - Modern Facilities - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical conducts Phase I-IIa clinical trials at its dedicated 22,000-square-foot clinical facility comprising more than 200 beds and four independent units.
  • First-in-man-clinical trials-project-management-inVentiv Health Clinical - Experienced project managers oversee each study who has the authority to pull together necessary the resources to manage critical milestones and deliverables, ensuring projects stay on track. The team is made up of experts in a variety of in a number of critical areas including clinical operations, scientific and regulatory affairs that are committed to ensuring the study will be executed on time and within the scope of the requirements.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials - First-in-Man Clinical Trials - Rapid Recruitment - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical provides sponsors with rapid and efficient recruitment through access to a broad population in an extensive centralized database.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials - Proof-of-Concept - Clinical Trials - inVentiv Health Clinical - Proof-of-Concept clinical trials are carefully designed to establish the safety of drug candidates in the target population and explore the relationship between the dose and desired activity, as either measured directly or by means of a surrogate.
  • Bioavailability | Bioequivalence Clinical Trials | Biosimilars Clinical Trials - inVentiv Health Clinical - Our significant experience in conducting a full range of bioavailability/bioequivalence and biological drug clinical trials has given us a complete understanding of the unique regulatory and testing requirements of generics and biosimilars.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials - Drug Drug Interaction Clinical Trials - inVentiv Health Clinical - Because not every drug-drug interaction is metabolism-based but may arise from changes in pharmacokinetics caused by absorption, distribution, and excretion interactions, inVentiv Health Clinical offers a full range of drug-drug interaction studies including the evaluation of pharmacodynamic effects.
  • Phase I-IIa Clinical Trials - QT/TQTs Capabilities - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical is a leading provider of comprehensive, high quality QT/TQT studies. Because cardiac safety issues have stopped many projects in their tracks, inVentiv Health Clinical conducts investigational drug studies to assess risk, as early as possible, and assess the drug’s effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Clinical Studies in Special Populations - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical recruiters utilize proven techniques to populate studies with both existing study participants and new candidates, as well as, normal healthy and special population volunteers.
  • Bioanalytical Development Services - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical provides bioanalytical services in all stages of drug development through our GLP-compliant laboratories, an extensive list of validated assays and biomarkers, knowledgeable scientists, and skilled technicians.
  • Bioanalytical Services – Non-GLP Analysis – inVentiv Health Clinical Non GLP Bioanalysis - We specialize in fast-turnaround mass spectrometry, including HRMS, and have provided support for in vivo pharmacokinetic bioanalysis since 1992.
  • Method Development and Validation – inVentiv Health Clinical GLP Bioanalysis - inVentiv Health Clinical offers method development, assay validation, and sample analysis using state-of-the-art LC/MS/MS and immunochemistry assays and a team of detail oriented scientists.
  • Bioanalytical Services - Quantitative Biomarkers - inVentiv Health Clinical - Our labs provide mass spectrometry-based and immunochemical analyses for the development, validation, and measurement of biomarkers, including targeted and non-targeted biochemical and protein profiling.
  • Bioanalytical Services - Large Molecule Analysis - inVentiv Health Clinical - Work performed in our GLP-compliant immunochemistry facilities includes proprietary and non-proprietary pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity assays
  • Clinical Trial Lab in Montreal - inVentiv Health Clinical - inVentiv Health Clinical offers a full range of bioanalytical laboratory services, including LC/MS/MS and ICP-MS as well as services in Phase I clinical trials, bioequivalence, and regulatory affairs.

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