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  • Brian Gilhooly - Big, quality mouse pad for everyday tasks or video gaming

    This is a great mouse pad for desktop users or people with laptops mostly used on a desk. This is a very big mouse pad so it may not be for everyone. In addition to it being big, it is what I would describe as "floppy." It won't be very steady if you're trying to use it on a couch or another perfectly non-flat surface. That being said, I love this mouse pad and it fits my needs perfectly. I use my laptop almost exclusively on my desk (and when I'm not using it on the desk, I don't really need the mouse anyway) so this pad keeps its form well. I use it for everyday tasks as well as playing video games (for which it was designed).

  • Paul - Great book.

    Of the books on the market....this is the best book. Four members of my family have used it to pass the test. Easy and concise to use. You should also get the Audio CDs.... they are extremely helpful....especially for children!!!!

  • missforties - Great book provides historic perspective

    This book puts the financial crisis of 2008 and our current rising inequality into historical perspective of the economic and business cycles. its comforting to realize that the mega rich use the same playbook each time they get the upper hand and that previous Presidents and governments have managed to reign them in and restores some justice for working people. it's especially hopeful given how disappointing Barack Obama has been. The thing that's different this time is how the corporations have totally bought and paid for the US government. As Chris Hedges says the government is "a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs". Hartmann does talk about that as well. The book is easy for anyone to read you don't need to have a background in economics. Hartmann is a smart guy who can see the handwriting on the wall and writes about this in a way that's interesting easy to understand. recommended.