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  • Kenny A. Chaffin - Outstanding edition this year! Well done Mr. Boyle!

    I've been reading this series, this annual collection for years and this edition is outstanding. T.C. Boyle has selected a wonderful set of stories. Normally I find only a handful of outstanding stories each year but this time at least half the selections are outstanding for me. Some of course are available on line from the original publication, but definitely/easily/wonderfully worth the price. My favorites:

  • Chicago - Nice

    Great Texture. No perfumes. GOes on very lightly.I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I have not yet noticed improvement but hopefully will in the next couple of weeks. I love Exuviance products but on the high end of the price point. Not sure if I will purchase again. I like th No.7 products and they are not as expensive.

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    My daughter and her girlfriends absolutely love this game. It is great fun to watch them have such a great time with this game.