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  • Gunpo - Do not buy this product

    This is a truly awful program. Biggest gripe: you have an option for a cold call, but in order to schedule a call you need a contact at the location you are calling. Did it not occur to the developers that perhaps the reason I'm cold calling is because I don't currently have a contact at the location? This means that it's impossible to schedule calls for businesses that you do not already have a relationship with. Oh, you want to call this business that might be a large account for you, but you don't currently know who you should speak to? Tough luck, because ACT ain't helping you.

  • C. LEWIS - Misleading Title!

    I pre-ordered this item thinking it was the full 2016 NBA Finals, and at that time there were no reviews. However, when I received it and and before opening it, I decided to see if there were any reviews. I'm glad I did because it was stated this is a documentary, and not the true 2016 NBA Finals. The title "The Finals........." is misleading. It should have stated in the description that this was a documentary, and not the true NBA Finals. I quickly return it for a refund.

  • Cat Leon - Webroot Secure Anywhere

    Have been using Webroot since purchasing this computer. (2003) Can't say anything but "Great". I have had little or no problems with this. It is wonderful to know I'm in such good hands and the protection is the best. Thank you Webroot!1

  • J. TO - The peel works for me despite the high pressure sell

    Beware of free gifts, ladies! I went to grab the white plastic bag with the sample and go pulled into the store. I was on vacation so I thought, why not. As soon as I said no, the sales person started dropping the price. I got a feeling like I was a car dealership negotiating the price of a car. I bought the peel and the moisturizer for $75 each. I also bought the eye serum for $120. He included the gold mask and hand cream. I asked about the return policy and he said I can return it if I don't like it. Later, I saw on the receipt that all sales are final but you can exchange it. I tried the product after returning from my vacation. I was ready to be disappointed and kiss my money goodbye. I was surprised to find that I really like the peel. It works great and leave my skin smooth and soft. Unlike Clarisonic and other exfoliators, this doesn't cause my skin to feel like I used sand paper on it. Other peels make my skin turn red and sensitive. I didn't care much for the moisturizer. I wished I had tried it first because I could not stand the smell of the stuff. However, it peel works well with my L'Occitane Immortelle moisturize. The verdict is still out on the eye serum. I stopped by the Oro Gold store at the mall today and the lady said I can exchange it for something else. She said they want to show me other products. Now that I know what it is like, I know not to pay retail. From the other posts, it looks like I can get it for less than 50%. I want to keep buying this peel but I don't have to go through bargaining process each time. They should really think about lowering the price to be similar to other brand name skincare products and having major department stores carry their line. A store like that in a mall isn't cheap. The profit margin must be pretty high to be able to employ these people and pay the rent.