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Indian Journal of Medical Ethics - IJME is a platform for discussion on healthcare ethics, with special reference to developing countries. It hopes to involve all stakeholders in the healthcare system and strengthen the hands of those with ethical values & concern for the underprivileged.

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  • E. Zachary - changed my life, litterally!

    Before I got the Victorio Banana Slicer, my parties were dull and lifeless due to my inability to cut perfect banana slices. My children would cringe in the morning looking down at their sub-par breakfast with uneven sliced banana pieces. I felt like such a waste of a human life. I was depressed, drinking again and even started to smoke to relieve the stress of my banana slice fails. for hours I would stand in the kitchen practicing my banana cutting, even changing the blades of my knives didn't work. I thought my life was over, my husband was going to leave if I didn't get my banana situation worked out and my children refused to call me mom anymore. they said "other moms can slice bananas, why are you so inept at everything?". I was ruined. Until one day, the glorious day! I found this browsing amazon in a rather drunken state, I jumped up and down with the excitement! I am now proud to say I am the greatest success of a mother, wife and hostess! thank you Victorio Kitchen Products! well done, well. done.

  • Ashok Ramkumar - God product for this price. Additional 8GB SD card for free would have been amazing !

    Good product for this price. I brought this as a gift to my mom and installed basic apps into the mobile and she loves it. Everything is perfect, wish it would come with a 8 GB or 16 GB SD Card by default. I had to purchase it externally and add it. Other than this, its perfect.

  • Lady in red - A pillow for my wrist and elbow.

    Living in a mountain state and loving to hike, a walking stick is a necessity, especially when fast walking down steep mountain terrain while listening to joyful music and podcasts. In the past I have been known to forgo the nice things in life and would just pick up a stick that looked like it would work and use it for my trip. Nevermind the fact that from 9 -5 I am a desk jockey and the only part of my hands that have calluses are my fingertips from my mad typing skills. Ate ra good hike I would always end up with slivers or blisters. But NO MORE. I decided to go with this NONPAREIL hiking stick. Not only is it light weight aluminum, has a sort foam grip that is contoured to shape my hand, but it has a spring that is designed to reduce the shock to my hiking stick arm. Ok great its got some stiff spring would say some people. But they are wrong. It has a spring that you can adjust, depending how you want to treat your arm joints that day. If you are feeling like Arnold and want to teach the mountain a lesson, you can. If you want to take your walking stick on a tip toe through the tulips, not a problem at all. This is a great walking stick and love using each time I go out.

  • mundo - waiting for my mats in the salty winter weather

    I ordered my mats a while ago and still do not have them. My car is brand spanking new and the salt is not good for my new carpets. When I FINALLY get my Mats I am sure i will love them. The pair I had on my F150 were awesome and still are 15 years later. Luckily for me they fit in the front of my new Accord until my order gets delivered. I have not heard from the seller after days of contact.

  • MissEarp - Perfect!

    Received the book immediately, and it was exactly what I expected it to be! I purchased it for a great price, too!

  • Anonymous - Good moisturzer, not very good results

    I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I really don't see the results. I used it continuously for two months along with the love handler and the fatgirlsleep, and did notice a difference, but I've had far better results with seaweed soap and exfoliants. Give it a shot, but don't count on a miracle.