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  • t1800ke - Keeps the finish like new!

    My dad started using Wash & Wax back in 1967, an era when cars needed regular wax jobs to extend the life of body paints that simply wouldn't last. He purchased a brand new pickup and began washing it on a regular basis with Wash & Wax. When he traded the pickup 9 years later, the paint looked unbelievably great, yet it had never received a traditional wax job! That sold me on the product and I have relied on it ever since. It's the only cleaner/protectant I use on both of my new Silverados.

  • ccc_wood - great whitening, bad sensitivity

    my teeth are always complimented after a week of using the crest whitestrips. they are fairly easy to apply. there is some uncomfort when they scratch your lips or gums, and some of the gel has the tendency to ooze into your mouth.

  • johnny_go - Great Value Great TV

    This replaced a 10-year old plasma, which I thought was still a good picture. I found this on sale, then checked a leading consumer magazine and purchased. Unbelievable quality for the money. Also, the streaming is just as fast as Roku or Apple TV. I just purchased a second one. Oh and another thing, the remote is user friendly. Well planned and laid out.

  • Willy Jay - Clunky with potential

    Works - sort of. They could sweep turdbo trax with little effort if they streamline their product and keep it cheap. Needs work on the compatibility, e-file and help areas - quick!

  • clean food man - This is a fantastic book and should be read by anyone anywhere who ...

    This is a fantastic book and should be read by anyone anywhere who still values freedom and democracy. The internet is one of the great liberating forces of the 21st century but, as we're seeing now, it can also be a vehicle for enslavement. As Malcolm Nance understands, we all need to keep our eyes wide open!

  • S. Morgan - Not Worth the Upgrade

    Quite frankly, I didn't want to upgrade to 2013, but the price of 2010 was far too high these days. I don't like the 'updates' made to the user interface for 2013 and the severely limited color scheme options. I don't like that I only had the option for 1PC/1User unless I chose the 365 version that binds me to a yearly subscription. I miss Office 2010.