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  • GynJ - Good Storytelling

    I am, by no means, an expert on this era in English history. I have read scholarly works and well researched historical fiction about the Wars of the Roses and the characters of that period. Tony Riches provides an enjoyable tale of Owen Tudor.

  • princesslady - Impressed

    We have a spare bedroom that we don't go into often and I went in one day and found our cat had sprayed on the bed multiple times, and it was not recent it had been at least a few days, the mattress was dry and the odor was horrible and it is an expensive mattress so I was pretty upset, thinking it was ruined, I found this and saw it was sponsored by Animal Planet on the bottle and that impressed me so I got it, as soon as I poured it on the stain the strong odor of cat spray was gone immediately (and if you've ever smelled that you know it's intense and awful), waited for it to dry and the smell is gone. Would recommend to anyone with animals or kids who pee the bed.