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  • Ryan Street - Slow to start, but KEEP READING!

    A dry read in the beginning. The first ten years are boring. It is still important to read through because you can actually witness the evolution of a business and how it adapts to change. The later years is really where it gets interesting. The infancy of acquisition followed by its sheer ability to foresee changes in different industries as well as its own (textile) industry was very interesting. Great read for what it is.

  • RockyMountain14 - Month after month of hair loss and no regrowth. Major disappointment.

    Months of daily usage and this product has caused more hair loss and no regrowth. I understood that there would be some initial loss, but my slight bald spot had become thinning all over. Disappointed that I continued the usage for so long because of the promise of regrowth. Now I need to scramble to save what is left of my hair. Amazon Prime is five star for service, even that was not enough to take this overall rating above two stars.

  • Island Girl - The "blue" is actually turquoise.

    Ok, yes...turquoise is a shade of blue, but if you're looking for BLUE blue...you should know, the blue on this case is a bright, vibrant turquoise. Thankfully, I like turquoise so it's perfect. The fit is just right with all the holes for the camera, the speaker and all the buttons exactly where they need to be for the 7" Kindle Fire tablet. And since the tablet just snaps in place, there's no added bulk or weight like there is with the covers that are more like an envelope with Velcro such as the ones from Fintie (Not that Fintie covers aren't great, I use one of theirs for my Surface Pro tablet. I just wish it didn't add as much weight to it.) The texture is smooth but not slippery, which is nice since the tablet itself is kinda slippery and without a cover I'm always afraid I'll drop it. The folds to hold it at a reading angle in landscape position work perfectly, and the magnets do a fine job of keeping the cover shut in my bag.

  • Michelle - Definite read - Big Bad Wolf

    Big Bad Wolf: by Frankie Love is a great read, If you like stories about a bad boy next door then is for you. Had me hooked from first. I received an advance reader's copy and I am voluntarily leaving my review for this great book.

  • Adam Boorstein - great for cleaning gummed up carbs

    I had a 2000 VN 800 drifter that would idle but as soon as you gave it gas would die out. Clear signs of a clogged carburetor. Following the advice of a friend I picked up some Sea Foam and poured half a can into a fresh tank of gas. After letting it run for 20 minutes I was able to slow start giving it more gas. I then began riding around the neighborhood. Then I rode the piss out of it until I ran out of gas. Filled it back up, emptied the other half of the can into the tank. Ran that through. Now the bike runs great.