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Holistic Training & Physio - Holistic Training and Physio (HTP) is an all-round approach to wellness as it encompasses physical therapy, nutrition and personalized training. Training with an Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist insures proper biomechanics and posture at all times which maximizes your efficiency and decreases the potential for injury while working out. Nutrition plays a vital role for your health and unlike other diets that recommend the same plan for everyone, the metabolic typing diet recognizes that we are individuals and that our metabolisms differ, therefore our diets should reflect our individualism.

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  • Jeff - Had to order longer retaining bolts.....

    Better have an extra $16.30 in your pocket (and a little extra patience too) if you are trying to install a HitchSafe on a 2005 or newer Toyota Tacoma because the retaining bolts supplied are too short. I went to their website and live chatted with them and they directed me to a link (Not Amazon) where the longer bolts can be purchased for a total of $16.30 with shipping. They haven't arrived yet so I don't know if they will be the solution I am looking for but I am hopeful. On the plus side the HitchSafe does appear to be of good quality. Is it worth the price? I don't know about that one. The fact that they wouldn't just send me the longer bolts for free certainly put a me off but I guess if the thing saves me from locking myself out of my truck even once then it has probably paid for itself.

  • Amazon Customer - Fast paced

    Good read, fast paced but somewhat hard to imagine some of the characters actions and motivations to situations or lack thereof. If in fact this is how our judicial system works, we are all in trouble. Still an entertaining book and I would recommend to a freind.

  • MoMeme - I like it so far

    I like it so far, I like to do very thorough research on the material in each of these products, it does have appetite suppressant material, so I have high hopes, the dose is 2 per day so it is to my liking, so I will update how things go as I continue taking the product.

  • WAYNE C HOLTBY - Roxio Creator 2012

    I started out using Easy CD Creator years ago and it was OK. Then I switched to Nero and used it for many years until it would not run on my PC(for some reason which even Nero couldn't fix - so they gave me a refund). So after some reseach I bought Roxio Creator 2012. Bad mistake! What a mess - I have yet to burn a Video DVD that actually has sound. The whole programe is clumsy and difficult to neqotiate - and that annoying icon pops up every time a cd/dvd is inserted into the drive. I've now downloaded a trial version of Nero 11 which works perfectly - enough said.

  • Khoa Duc Nguyen - Good book for EU Traveler

    we owned few Rick Steves books about Europe travel. This is a good one as well. Highly recommend it for any Europe travelers.

  • Vinyasi - Our Earthing Connection to Mother Nature

    I find the Earthing technology to be a great introduction to longitudinal circuits popularized by the likes of Eric Dollard and Nikola Tesla. They filter out current by using an "open circuit" pathway - namely, a straight line (not circular; nor "closed circuit") - for free electrons to migrate back and forth between our body and the Earth in a dynamic fashion statistically equalizing any voltage difference between these two bodies over time. Earthing creates a connection to all other life forms which are connected to Mother Earth. Unity among all of Earth's creatures is the result along with the general notion of connecting one's self to something greater than one's self, ie: the Earth.

  • Dylan, DC - Not high definition

    This product is not high definition. The product description says that a "high definition composite video cable is included". This is misleading. Composite video cannot be high definition. It is a categorically false statement. It's kind of like saying "this armless man can bench press his own weight."