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Soma - Soma. Soma Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Warnings. SOMA on Steam. Soma Makers of Beautiful, Sustainable Water Filters. SOMA Fabrications For the everyday cyclist.

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  • whosit - This is a must have!

    This is great! Worked like a charm. I got it...went to the website to program it. It took all of 5 minutes to program it and it words great! Totally recommend it. I saved hundreds of dollars compared to what the company would have charged me.

  • Amazon Customer - Received it torn

    Received it with delayed shipping. (Understandable was because of weather conditions.) However, when I opened it the back of the cover was ripped at the top. :( The book itself is amazing and the artwork was beautiful.

  • G Coats - Yes!!

    Nicole Jackson always delivers and never disappoints!! Loved every page of Keyasia and Wake!! And I'm ready for the next one!!! Awesome read

  • Jason - This just did not seem like it would work

    I ordered this for a little pick me up during the day. I saw this on Amazon and was intrigued. After reading about the product I ordered it but I was still a little skeptical. This just did not seem like it would work. I hate drinking energy drinks because of the sugar and the taste. I do not like taking caffeine supplements because of the jitters and crashes. So, I gave this a try. It works great. You just put in a drink and stir for ten seconds and bottoms up. It does have a slight taste but nothing that bad. I mix it with water and can barely taste it. It has a little sweet taste to it. I try to drink all at once. If you let it sit too long it will become bitter. Just stir it up again if that happens. When I drink this I do not have any jitters or stuff like that. It is a clean energy. I feel great when I take it. There is no crash. It works in about ten minutes and last quite awhile. When I feel my energy level going down I will do another one if needed. I have had no side effects with this product. This is a game changer. I received this product for free or at a discounted rate for my honest opinion and review.

  • JeffSheff - but I have to same I was amazed at how well this little unit works on my ...

    I now have an expensive TENS unit, but I have to same I was amazed at how well this little unit works on my arm. I will continue to use it as I travel for business! If my new, larger unit wasn't covered by insurance, I would have been happy to just have this one.

  • The Bargain shopper - I really like this tea

    I really like this tea!!! It's much gentler that the dieter's kind but I have that too. I drink the dieters if I just need to "purge." But I drink it only once a day in the morning, also the other in the evening. I'm really used to taking only one cup a day. That would be my only con. It works and it keeps me regular throughout the day without me being dependent on it.