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  • belljohnson - peachtree

    I loved the price and the free 30 day support I received with the product. I purchase it again from Amazone

  • ursajack - baking pan

    thought if i bought a commercial pan it would not warp in the oven like the old cheapies do. still looking for one that holds it's shape while in the oven. hate it when the pan pops and spills liquid into the bottom of the oven. would not recommend this pan for food that needs a level pan to catch juice while baking.

  • Leon S. Allgood Jr - Consider using an earlier version instead

    I bought Panda IS 2009 late in the year, and they automatically upgraded me to the current version upon activation. Good deal...you might think. When the subscription was over, I thought I would use one of the free alternatives, and continue to use the Panda firewall until I have time to do backups and reinstall windoze. Not with IS 2010. Panda now has a nag screen that pops up periodically all day long. Anything you might be doing, especially if you're in full screen, immediately minimizes or stops so Panda can give you a reminder. I have Panda IS 2011, but want to wait until I do a complete windblows reinstall before using it.

  • Christopher S. Dunworth - Installed easily, exactly per the instructions

    Fit my 2003 Ford Escape perfectly. Installed easily, exactly per the instructions. Includes all the required pieces for several different installation options. Not exactly the same black plastic as the console, but more than a reasonable match. Provides a small pocket for storage which can be installed under the head unit. Recommended product.

  • Shawna - Healthy Hair

    I use this product everyday. I was using "its a 10" and my friend, who is a successful hair stylist, told me that this product was better for my hair. I bought it immediately and have been using it ever since. I blow dry and straighten my hair almost every day and this gives my hair life. My hair is healthy and this product does a great job of preventing heat damage.