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    City: 100.4667 , Thailand

  • Allison B - Doesn't work; not the real stuff!

    Yikes! Either this is not the real stuff, or the product is defective. I was buying Shadow Insurance by TooFaced from Sephora for over a year and loved it. It kept my eye makeup on all day. I thought I'd save myself a trip to the store and buy it here online. However, THIS tube, from this seller, contains a product that is white rather than tan as it had been when I bought it at Sephora. And it makes my makeup come off FASTER, I suppose because it's simply wet and not doing the job at all. It's worthless. Save your money, and buy the product from the manufacturer or a retail store if you can. I gave the product/manufacturer two stars rather than one, because when I asked for a refund, they responded promptly and agreed--but Amazon already provided me with one when I called to let them know this stuff isn't real!

  • John Murdie - Great for use with PLASTI DIP cans!

    I purchased this sprayer tool for use with the PLASTI DIP standard sized spray cans. This sprayer worked real well. It made the paint job a lot easier than it would have been without a sprayer. It is rather solidly built for what it is and it can be used multiple times for multiple jobs. It was a bit difficult to get the can to fit inside the sprayer, and that is the only issue I have had with it.

  • Grandma Lynn - Waste of Money

    Although there is some useful information in the beginning about test taking in general, and there are sample tests... if this is supposed to be a "study guide" it misses the mark. There are no explainations about the answers in the key. I can read the question and see if I got the right answer, but there is no discussion about any of the other answers I could have chosen, or why the correct answer is the correct one.

  • Charles Drake - You'll be sorry

    The bottom line is I had problems with my Vista install where it would say that my PC was not protected until I rebooted, so after a few reboots I went to tech support. After 14 reboots I figured it wasn't for me.

  • Ohiomomma - Ready to feed IS different than powder

    Both of my children have had a soy and milk intolerance, and Alimentum has been a lifesaver! My first daughter tolerated the powder form fine. With my second daughter, while the diarrhea improved with the Alimentum powder it didn't go away until we tried the Ready to feed. The day we switched her to Ready to feed Alimentum, the diarrhea stopped! She has been a much happier baby while on this formula.