HealthGuyNews - The Top Social Networking Site For Health And Wellness - I’m a pretty healthy guy – but it wasn’t always that way. I started out with a real SAD diet (standard American diet). Since I solve a few health issues of my own, on my own, by study and practice I’ve developed a real passion for health. People always ask me what I eat, what I believe in health wise, and who are the folks that I read and study? And personally, I’ve always wanted to use my Internet experience to bring more health information out to folks.

  • Kidney Failure, Liver Damage Linked To Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs | HealthGuyNews - Taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels may not be safe, after all. According to a article, a study conducted by researchers from the Nottingham University in the United Kingdom has found that drugs like simvastatin and atorvastatin can cause harmful side effects on the patient’s body. It was suggested that these drugs can raise a patient’s risk of developing cataracts, liver damage, kidney failure, and myopathy, a form of muscle weakness. Learn more about the possible side effects of using cholesterol-lowering statin drugs by reading this article now.
  • Diabetes, Heart Problems Linked To Processed Meat Consumption | HealthGuyNews - You might want to think twice before putting another serving of hotdogs or bacon in your mouth. While it is common knowledge that processed meat can cause various health problems, a recent study conducted by scientists at the Harvard University has linked, yet again, the consumption of such foods to cancer, hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes. Folks at report that eating 1.8 ounces of processed meat a day raises the risk of diabetes and heart diseases by 19% and 42%, respectively. What should be done to prevent yourself from contracting such deadly diseases? Read this post to find out.
  • Exercise Can Sharpen Your Brain | HealthGuyNews - It seems that exercise can do more than help us get in shape. According to Corrie Bennett of, a new study conducted by the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore suggests that exercise improves overall brain function.  Find out how hitting the gym or going for a jog makes your brain sharper by reading Corrie’s post now.
  • Relieve Stress And Anxiety Through Exercise | HealthGuyNews - It is a generally accepted fact that exercise helps relieve stress. This post explains in detail how exercise helps individuals remove stress and anxiety. Find out how exercise can eliminate stress and learn why you need to do it regularly in order to fully enjoy its benefits.
  • The 80/20 Rule To A Balanced Body | HealthGuyNews - Want to have a “balanced body?” Then strive to have chemical balance by maintaining the right acid-alkaline balance in your body. Find out what the 80/20 rule is and learn how you can achieve this balance. This post will also explain why having chemical balance is beneficial to your overall health. 
  • 7 Ways To Love Your Body As You Age | HealthGuyNews - For many people, growing old is accompanied by a sense of anxiety as to how one might look as those younger, tender years steadily pass by. This post discusses 7 simple ways to love your body as you age. Find out how you can maintain a positive body image as you grow older. It also features a podcast by a popular family resource website.

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  • C. Latone - My 3yo boy loves this book

    We found this through kindle unlimited. He's asking for it at night. It's a great story about a boy who admires his dad. I highly recommend it to kids older than mine as well.

  • A-10 Egress - Excellent story line... Must read in my opinion.....

    Great story. I loved the story line. I also loved how the author was able to set his world in just a few sentence and not having to be all wordy about it. I hate how most authors drag that out. This story is fast paced and gets right down to the heart of it. I felt a connection to Stiger and the Sargent's in his company. He moved the story along while also adding characters back story at the same time. I found that it flowed very well.

  • Rose Vines - A letdown after earlier Fitbits

    I've used the Fitbit Ultra and the Fitbit One and enjoyed using them both, but, after having lost two of them because of the clip design, I looked forward to getting a Flex. As a swimmer, I was also interested in the Flex because you can wear it in the pool.

  • Fewbraveones - charge your body!

    i have been taking cellfood for a while after being recommended by a hydrotherapist. Cellfood provides electrolytes to your body as well as minerals. taking this makes my body feel much less fatigue and more energy and alert during work! i usually jus put in a couple of drops in my water bottle and sip it throughout the day. i strongly recommend this to everyone.