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  • juliana reyes - Very good

    Really like these drops. Do to antibiotics my daughter was having so much stomach issues but on the 3rd day of giving them to her i saw a huge improvement. I just gave them straight from the dropper, they dont taste bad because she didn't spit them out. Now i just give them to her once a week to help her tummy.

  • S. Lee - The only book you should purchase when applying for med school

    This book is great because there's a section in the beginning about the medical school application process and all that stuff. It also goes through every accredited medical school in the US and Canada alphabetically. It is published by the AAMC there is no bias content. They report the facts. The tell a little about the school and they give you lots of stats so you can honestly assess where you have a good chance of getting into. They also don't rank school so it's nice to read through the book and be able to decide which schools you like and want to know more about without having school rankings skewing your judgement. Highly recommended. Great book! Great price too!

  • Rashard Bryan - Great variety with this kit

    I have purchased other space saving vacuum bags in the past but what convinced me to purchase this kit was because of the variety of types and sizes of bags included in this kit. Simply put, it has every size bag that I currently need and may need in the future. So far I have used about half of the bags storing towels, linen and a few pillows and I have had no problems with the bags holding their seal while in storage. I have also used the travel size bags for clothes when traveling and it is great having the option to use either the roll up bags or the travel size vacuum bag with the small pump that is included in the kit.

  • Jessica Francis - Used to be a great product. No longer works.

    I wrote a previous review panning this product because I assumed it no longer worked. Turns out there was no moisture in our condo to remove. Now the moisture is back and the tub is working like a champ. Sorry. So I am amending my one star review to a five star review.

  • LHLohio - Very good, wanted a bit more

    This book is great at giving you the in and outs for the GRE. The tips and tricks are fantastic. But when it came time to take practice tests, I wanted more. I feel like these books need to have more than the standard end of chapter quizzes and basic practice tests. If I am paying the money, I want to see lots of test questions and practice to get my speed up. But overall, a good help and prep for test day. I recommend also buying a GRE timer (around $10-20) where you can time yourself per question and overall. It really helped me get my speed up.

  • Amazon Customer - Highly recommended. Great system at a great price, but no outputs for digital 5.1/7.1 audio.

    Overall very happy with system. Quiet, fast, hassle free. Starts up very quick. Games load and play with max video settings without issue. Case has clean/streamlined appearance that is unobtrusive (much smaller/lighter than my prior Alienware system). Price is very good relative to other similar equipped systems. Delivered in 1 day and worked without issue right out of the box. One small complaint. The motherboard is the MSI Z170A PC Mate, which does not come equipped with a 7.1 output for home theater system (works fine with stereo speakers). It looks like there is a way to re-wire and set up for 7.1, but the tech support at Cyberpower wasn't sure about this and didn't have any recommendations. This is easily fixed by ordering a $50 Creative 7.1 sound card which will take less than 10 mins to install. Overall very happy with purchase. Given that it not advertised with a 7.1 output and a very easy fix, it remains a 5 star review.