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  • Carol Rose - Understanding Ceramics with Philip Rawson

    This book is not a glossy full-color presentation of the world's spectacular ceramic pieces. It does contain a hundred or so black and white illustrations of ceramics from almost all cultures; ancient and modern. Philip Rawson writes about the general concept of ceramics, the techniques, and the philosophy and symbolism. I found this book to be very helpful in that it gives an overview of all types of ceramics and allows the interested potter or sculptor to survey Rawson's intriguing perceptions. This book promotes ideas and facilitates their coming to the reader through discussions of his seemingly infinite observations. Rawson was a brilliant art professor and brings amazing viewpoints to his readers. Ideas, after all, are the most important factor in creating works of art.

  • Karl Seeler - Bought "Bundled" Federal and State return but charged again to download the State.

    I used TurboTax for over a decade until this year when they decided to shaft loyal customers by removing functionality from the Deluxe version, indirectly increasing the price. I purchased the "Bundled" download of TaxAct which was advertised as the Deluxe version with a State return. Unfortunately, there is no way to download the State return without paying again. In response to the users who claim that TaxAct site will recognize users of the Bundled version and not complete the charge, I tried repeatedly without success. I finally threw in the towel and paid twice but I am mighty steamed about it. Apparently, sleazy business practices are the norm in the tax software industry.

  • marilyn otoole - Informative, but difficult

    This book was very technical in language. It would be difficult for someone who had no knowledge of human biology. It was also extremely helpful. The authors ideas made perfect sense. I have used some of the suggestions and they have worked for me.

  • S. Harrison - My first and favorite natural hair product by far

    My first and favorite natural hair product by far. It was what I used in my transition last year. And although I've become quite found of Shea Moisture, I will alway but Cantu leave-in from here 2 at a time.

  • Savvy Consumer - Pleasantly Surprised!

    This is a unique product.... I found it extra effective to put my moisturizer under it before bedtime. It really makes a noticeable difference around my lips and mouth area. Would definitely recommend.

  • Dman - Bought this for my wife, she was recently diagnosed ...

    Bought this for my wife, she was recently diagnosed with MS and this helps her muscles from atrophy, she's uses it every other day.

  • Olive - Who care what they think! It works ;)

    Ok sooooo it looks crazy to have around your toilet .... Yes and company may ask about it and give you a strange look.. And think strange thoughts about you as you tell them about... All I know is I can number Two way better- so hey it's worth it!