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  • Brenda - Made me sick!

    This product makes me very sick: nausea, diarrhea, dehydration. I'm not sure what ingredient causes these symptoms in some people. I routinely take Wellesse liquid glucosamine with no problems but only use the Schiff tables when traveling. After 3 trips I finally figured out I was not experiencing food poisoning from eating on the road, but a direct correlation between taking these tablets and becoming very sick within hours.

  • Amazon Customer - I love the added bonus of the tea infuser

    I have purchased a lot of teas in the past but none of them are meant to detox the body. They are all beneficial for some on or another as tea is but none indicate they detoxify. I was really concerned that there would be a lack of taste but I was pleasantly surprised that it was not awful. I love the added bonus of the tea infuser. I have a few of these kind of infusers already and really love them. They do not leave little pieces of loose tea in your cup.

  • UniversalWoman - Best Binder I've ever been kept in!

    This binder is great. I love being kept in it. As a single mother, it helps to keep me from being concerned about my children and their guns and being paid less than the men I work with. It even protects me from being forcibly raped. I can't wait until they add my kitchen to it, then like a turtle, I'll never have to leave it, unless they outsource it. Thanks Mitt Romney for putting me in my place.

  • Chuck - happy camper

    cap comes with two different size o-rings (for various size fuel tank spouts). unit also has a rubber tether (connects to DEF spout).

  • Brian K Cooper - Helpful!

    The daytime tea definitely gives me a boost of energy while the nighttime tea flushes me out. Some people have to be careful with Senna, so keep that in mind.

  • Amazon Customer - not a wallie

    its ok ...I guessed i was expecting more from bored with it ...but will make a great child gift..??..also my cellphone kept getting hot when in use with it.

  • Southernbabe - Panda Ripoff

    I love the House of Fun slots, but NOT the Panda slots. I just got the bonus, and it retriggered up to 95 games, and it DID NOT PAY ONE COIN!!!! That really sucks. You need to fix this problem NOW. If I could delete it and keep the other slots, I would. I noticed you took down the Seven slots(my favorite), so what's up with that???? Take down the dang Panda or fix the problem