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  • R. Larson - Good Quality and Reliability for Sewing Heavier Materials

    I've used this HD Singer for about six months on a monthly basis and have been very satisfied with its quality and reliabilty. I like the fact I can sew heavier materials (jeans, some canvas, regular cloth materials) using the right needle and thread and its easy to use settings for different types of stitches and reversible motion works very nicely. I used an older Singer pro model for creating canvas type products several years ago and this one would almost do the same, but I suspect really isn't built for it long term. The plastic housing seems durable enough and should last for many years. However, keeping it well maintained may surprise me. Comes with a button holer and many other accessories. I purchased metal bobbins and heavier needles to complement this machine, which all work well. The foot control seems cheaply made of plastic, but has worked well so far.

  • D. Rodriguez - It's working great!

    I had used the Fleabusters service over 20 years ago where they have to come and apply their formula themselves and it worked great back then, but I had forgotten all about it. Then, earlier this year a little 10 pound dog decided to come and live with me, and I was hesitating to put the chemical treatment directly on her skin, especially because of her size. Suddenly I remembered Fleabusters and found out that they had the powder that you can apply yourself, and gave it a try. I thought maybe that it wouldn't work if I applied it myself, but I was very wrong. I bought a $9 push broom and a painter's mask, spent about 45 minutes to put the powder down in the one carpeted room that I have. My dog goes to the beach and doggy day care, so she's all around fleas. Before I put the powder down, I bought a flea comb and found quite a bit of flea dirt (excrement) and about 35 fleas. Then the powder came, so I took her to day care for the day (as the dog should not be there when you put it down because the powder is fine). That was about a month ago, and the fleas have been gone for about 10 days. I still use the flea comb every time she goes to day care just to get rid of the fleas that might have come home with her, but now there is no flea dirt, and I might find 1 flea when she's around a lot of fleas. But the house is flea-free! And with the help of the flea comb, the dog is flea-free! My flea problem is gone! When I used Fleabusters 20 years ago, it was still working 2 years later. I have high hopes for the powder, too.

  • Suziesilverado - Nice monitor but the softward wouldnt download.

    I liked the monitor colors, size, clarity, but I have an HP computer (good processor, three years old) and it will not download the driver software. I find the buttons ( not very deep) in the back to be uncmfortable to work from the front.. I'm reasonably computer savvy and have not had this problem before. So I called AOC twice but neither technician could figure out a way to resolve the problem, using the disc or with a separate emailed download. They said this happens sometimes.

  • KariH - I really like the way past lessons keep popping up in future ...

    I am almost through with level 1 and can communicate well enough to feel a lot more confident when traveling to a spanish speaking country. I took spanish for two years in jr. high and feel that I learned more from the introductory tapes than I did in those two years (particularly how to order a beer, lol, I guess they don't include that at the jr. high level). I am having no trouble retaining what I learn from lesson to lesson. I really like the way past lessons keep popping up in future conversations. In the past I was very good with pronunciation and simple vocabulary, but could not follow a conversation. With Pimsleur I can actually participate in conversation. I can't wait to continue and become bilingual at last! All you need is the dedication to devote 30 minutes a day.

  • Amber Bailey - I have had nothing but bad luck with this jeep

    I bought my 2016 Jeep Cherokee brand new. Within 2 months I have had the windshield replaced due to a glitch in the glass, the headlights replaced due to holding moisture, the back windshield wiper fix because it broke, the jeep was in the shop for 2 weeks due to a leak inside the cab of the jeep, when my headlights were replaced they installed the passenger side wrong and chipped my paint (covered under warranty), the trim around the wheel is broke, and a piece on top of my luggage rack is broke. Needless to say, I have had nothing but bad luck with this jeep! I do love the way it drives, very smooth on the highway and great gas mileage for a midsize SUV.

  • dannyzee - 2013 honda CRV crossbars.

    Items arrived in less than a week after ordering. Installed them in about 10-15mins. Screws supplied were phillips head not torx. Forward crossbar is wider than rear one so after a quick measure, got ready to install. Rear screw holes were a bit off, so I swung the rear one 180 deg. and they lined up perfectly.

  • Gmom - Best.Toy.Ever

    My 2 year old will literally play sand for an hour or more straight. We buy it for all our friends' birthdays. It's expensive, there are other brands that are cheaper, and I know you can make your own too with flour. Whatever you use, it's a winner with all ages.