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  • Loretta Jacobson - Wonderful shampoo

    I first used this shampoo in a hotel in Florida. I don't usually notice a difference in my hair, but this time I sure did! It makes my hair so soft and manageable, I just wish I could find it locally in a store.

  • Courtney LeBlanc - An excellent, mesmerizing read

    Admittedly I tend to gravitate toward fiction and only like nonfiction when it's written like a novel - this book did not disappoint! Once I started reading it I literally couldn't put it down! From the moment Shackleton's ship is locked in ice, to them living on an ice floe, to them trekking across land and sea and they're eventual and dramatic attempt to sail away in search of a rescue party.

  • Kendall A. - Three Stars

    Pretty standard study guide. Practice tests were helpful. Nothing outstanding though. Good buy if you get it cheap.

  • Kay Nicole - *~*Great Gift*~*

    I ordered this water play mat recently as my sister is pregnant and also has a 1 year old. I thought this would be a great gift for her 1 year old to play with now and the baby she is expecting to play with in the future.

  • Vanessa Fee - Nice glasses

    My boyfriend loves the color purple so I took a chance and bought these Ray Bans for his birthday. Great news was that he loved the glasses! Bad news was that I found all these Ray Bans (RB3025) that are posted on Amazon for $70+ for $19.99 on a different website! Next time I'll scout around a bit more on the web before making an impulse purchase.

  • CWTK - Really great

    I am SO happy with these! I was trying to find something that didn't look tacky to light our pathway to our front door.

  • Big D - Great for the bum

    Regardless of the oz size this stuff works. My daughter had a diaper rash within a few weeks - we were diligent about changing diapers since we had so many of them on hand, I don't think we were neglectful parents, Its just when they are so young their skin is so susceptible to rash. We tried all kinds of stuff to cure it...we were almost going to start mixing different creams to make our own but I saw this and all the great reviews and I said to my self "Self...we need to try this out and you sir are no alchemist." I am glad we did. It worked great. Now that she is a little older, a whole 6 months under her belt, we have started using the other creams that we had built up in our cream cache. But for sure at night we apply this one. We are almost done with the jar that we bought here (16 oz I think but now having my doubts) and I will for sure grab another here pretty soon. I will say one thing though. We did borrow the lid from the Boudreaux's Butt Paste 16 oz. has a flip top and not a screw top...much much easier to use at the diaper station and the jar sizes are identical...almost worth spending the $16 just to get that lid