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  • Tjtarheels12 - awesome

    each book is thicker than what the bank gives you...and my bank limits the number of registers you can get at a time....were these free? but the value is better because these will last longer than the bank registers...

  • ThaLegend - Detox Is The Way

    I believe that we all should committ to a detox at least once every 3-4 months. It doesn't have to be a full month detox but I guarantee that going on detox for at least a week will prove beneficial beyond your beliefs. This detox tea is no frills and easy to do. Just stay committed and you can detox your way to a more healthier lifestyle.

  • Beth Turner - Great Cloth (if really Norwex)

    Not only is it against company policy to sell Norwex products on Amazon, Ebay, and similar websites, but you actually pay more for the products. I am a consultant and the Envirocloth is only $16.49 when you buy through a consultant. Go to: to find a consultant in your area and get the item cheaper and get the 2 year warranty that comes with it. I'm in Fraser Valley/Greater Vancouver if you're looking for someone in the area.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't depend on this alone for thc

    Bought this as a last resort bc I'm getting off probation. I followed the directions exactly as explained. Made me sooooo sick. I peed like 15 times and I still tested positive. I bought 2 so I'll try it again next week since I did smoke the day before I tested.. Stupid I kno.. But whatever. I'll see if a week clean and flushing my system will make a difference and if it does I will update this review but as of now.. Mad I wasted my money.