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    Wonderful product! I use this as the primary de-chlorinator for our 40 Breeder tank. Alternately I use API Stress Coat for rinse water after bleaching rocks/plants - the API Stress Coat is about half the price and I can really dose the rinse water to ensure that rocks/plants are chlorine-free before putting them back in the aquarium. Seachem Prime is what I reach for when I do regular water changes, however. Great product, and a staple in my aquarium supplies.

  • Jen Greyson - Another great book by Amy!!

    Another Amy Jarecki home run. I love her books. The writing makes me feel like I'm there and I'm always so devastated when the book ends. Wonderful. Fabulous. Exceptional.

  • Bogla4 - Comparable to a Yeti.

    Great cup!! Our Crossfit box is super warm especially during these hot days. It kept ice while I was in the hot gym for over two hours, compared to a regular plastic water bottle that sweats and melts ice within 30 mins. I would recommend this to anybody, great price compared to a Yeti!

  • Jocelyn Bennett - Be Careful

    I give this three stars because it was defective. It would work for the first few minute and then it would stop. The only thing that would work is the light. I would have to hit it or time it on and off in order for it to work. However the product does shave painlessly. And I did receive a replacement for the defective one which works just fine.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the whole album

    Love the whole album. Got it on lp to get the best of both worlds with the digital download. It's modern and classic!