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  • Mirrek Balderson - Gameplay is fun but servers amd menus are awful.

    I enjoy the gameplay but the menus are so bad and I have been consistently kicked out of games because of the server. Not sure if I will return yet, gonna wait to see if servers improve, if not I will return.

  • dreamy - I really love this product as it suctions everything out

    I really love this product as it suctions everything out. However, after using it for about 6 months, somehow water got in the tube. The water dried up black... which makes me think it is biological growth. I am scared to use it now. I want to order another one but worried if this happens again, i would have to keep buying a new one.

  • Oh Captain Awesomeface - Insensitive and wrong

    As a plus sized ship going through puberty, I thought this book would address some of my concerns about growing up to be, for lack of a better word, huge. There is a serious hugeness epidemic among ships these days, and we're now seeing cases of juvenile hugeness that we've never seen before. What's causing it? And better yet, how can we avoid becoming huge ships ourselves? My parents are both huge ships, so I was worried it might be hereditary. Feeling awkward, insecure, and a growing awareness of my hull that we all feel during adolescence, I came upon this book in my search for answers. My hope that this book could shed some light on these feelings and the hugeness epidemic were quickly dashed on the rocks when I found out that this book casts huge ships as some kind of menace to otherwise placid waters. I was heartbroken to think of my parents as the kind of pariahs to be steered clear of that this book makes of all huge ships. They are the most loving and gentle ships on the water, and they have always raised me to be kind and accepting. Instead of motoring away in fear of huge ships, maybe you should get to know some. And you know what, if I do grow up to be a huge ship, I'll still love myself for who I am regardless of who you all think I should be.