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  • turkshd - I've ordered this before

    Its one of those things.....would the poison ivy have been worse if I didn't use this product. Probably, but I really feel that it clears up poison ivy faster. And there is that satisfying step where you are supposed to scratch the dickens out of the spot to be treated before you use the product.

  • michele76 - the wash itself is great. But make a note to double check your ...

    This is completely overpriced!!! I had searched for a three pack of these baby washes and this came up in the list of results. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was a single bottle and not the three pack I searched for. Save your money and buy a bottle for $8 in any grocery store or Walmart or Target, the wash itself is great. But make a note to double check your items before you purchase online.

  • Laura - Like PCMatic

    After using McAfee for many years, my computer bacame so slow! I would start it up and it would take 10 minutes before I was able to do anything. This changed as soon as I installed and began using PCMatic (and McAfee was uninstalled). I have never had a problem with the software, the price or my computer since. I have been using PCMatic for over 5 years. I love it.

  • Gwen - Great

    The book is cool. It gives u the strategies on how to solve the questions and what to look out for. It helps u to prioritize and eliminate wrong options .