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  • Amazon Customer - Great bonding book with my sons and daughters

    One of my sons, now 2 1/2 says "superhero" and I know immediately what book he means. I love this book - simple, powerful. Good to see a book that is positive on fathers. I like the creativity and all of my kids love to hear this one. But in particular my 2 1/2 year old really loves it - and I cannot help but think about what good dads do (and how kids may see them) after reading this. Very nice work!

  • Dogula - Bad Bad Software! Beware!

    This NTI software came pre-loaded with my Toshiba Canvio 1TB drive. It severely crashed my older XP Dell laptop to the point that I thought my laptop had finally died. When I noticed similar problems on my new Alienware desktop and a newer Dell laptop, I uninstalled the software from my XP system and my computer work fine. Tried loading it again with a link on the Toshiba website and it worked temporarily and then froze my computer up again. Uninstalled again and my computer was fine. Two strikes is enough for me. My next step is to contact Toshiba and see what they say, since the NTI software was included with their product. After seeing the others reviews, I can totally relate. I was getting ready to trash my old laptop and buy a new one. I'm glad I didn't. I have a feeling that I'm out a hundred bucks here. Regardless I will never purchase a Toshiba product again, let alone buy any NTI software.

  • amznboi - Not a beginner/intermediate vball. Really need to keep playing it to like it.

    I ended up really liking this vball. It's definitely not a beginner's or intermediate's vball to use. It takes time to get used to it and has a higher learning curve. You have to adjust a lot of your skills with the MVA200, especially passing. I shanked my passes a lot when I first played with it. I had to really adjust my passing skills with the MVA200. It is not as forgiving as the other vballs. It is great for setters (grips easy), hitters and especially float servers. This vball floats like crazy if you hit the sweet spot. Also for float serves, it has a tendency to just drop in front of you.

  • traci - Great Kindle App!

    This is one cool App. It seems redundant to have it on my Kindle AND in print, but for a Kindle lover like myself - it is so fun. Plus the extra recipes available on the kindle make it so much better. What a great bonus to my Cooking Light subscription. Love it!

  • Christian Porter - Very lightweight

    This is a rather lightweight antivirus program but it's not extremely secure. I have noticed various things that it continues to miss (and still miss to this day), but it isn't meant to track down malware that is possibly infectious rather it is meant to find direct viruses and more direct infections. I have had this for 2 weeks and so far it hasn't detected one virus, although I don't have any viruses (I only have minor spamware infections).

  • John Knuckles - Great product

    This is a very good product. I begin use this evening creme, about a month ago and i can already see some subtle improvements on my skin.