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  • Dave - Scotch saver

    I learned the hard way that you can ruin really good scotch by trying to save it for special occasions. Someone gifted me a very nice bottle and I only drank it when the mood served. Eventually, as there becomes more oxygen in the bottle than actual booze, it looses all of its heat and flavor. I'm no rocket scientis, but in the same way old gasoline turns to varnish, I'm sure old booze turns to rather bad tasting water. Further research confirmed this. First I thought about getting step-down sized bottles, so I could pour it into progressively smaller bottles to keep the air to liquor ratio down. What a pain. Then I found this. So long as your scotch is in a cork-able bottle this seems to work. I hear it also works for wine ;p


    I purchased this product believing it was lactose free (as stated in the description). Upon receipt, I checked the ingredient label only to find it was NOT lactose free. Thinking I might have been sent the wrong item, I contacted PediaSure's 800# and was advised that the product is "compatible with a child who may have a lactose sensitivity" but is NOT lactose free. I asked whether PediaSure offered a lactose-free product and was advise they DO NOT. AMAZON- I expect better of you! Parents beware of this misleading description and ALWAYS read the labels!

  • afnane - DO NOT BUY THIS SCAM! i carefully followed the ...

    DO NOT BUY THIS SCAM! i carefully followed the instructions but the trays shrink when you put them into hot water( putting them into hot water is part of the process), they become too small to cover all of your teeth and above all they don't take the shape of your teeth! i am going to complain to smile sciences!

  • K. Mullen - Not for me

    I bought a trial of the Thrive Experience (capsules, shake, patches) from a promoter, who is a friend. I do drink coffee (1-2 cups a day), and am sensitive to certain supplements and caffeine. The first day I quit coffee entirely and yet felt anxious, had headache, stomach ache, back ache, and was told my symptoms were detoxing from coffee. I continued to a 2nd day and did not feel any better. I had to stop the trial because I felt the side effects outweighed the benefits. I was told after the first week I'd feel amazing, but the truth is I don't want to be "hooked" on a supplement, and furthermore on one so expensive. I read other reviews and heard the withdrawal coming off these pills are the same as going on. An 8-week experience often turns into months on end, and the expense creates incentive to become a promoter. The cycle never ends.

  • KATY - Good stuff

    It's a good product. I took it after I had my son to boost my milk supply. I felt like I didn't have enough for him and when I took the supplement it seemed to me like I produce more milk. And if I stopped taking it I felt like I had less. So it seems to work. I stopped taking it because my son was sleeping well at night and I was getting too full so I don't need it anymore. The Taste is pretty good. It kind of tastes like Crystal Light. And it was a bonus that you got me drinking an extra glass of water every day because I usually don't like to drink water by itself.