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  • N. Trachta - Good if you want to see what multiple islands have to offer.

    I received my copy of Lonely Planet Hawaii and have to admit that I was disappointed; I'd searched for a travel guide for Hawaii and Big Island saw this one as part of the listing. Getting it I was excited until I opened it up and realized that it covered all the islands, the Big Island was only one small section, augh! Ok, not what I was totally looking for but it's what I got. The print is small with limited pictures further detracting from it. That said there is a fair amount of information on the Big Island and it will help with identifying places to go and things to see while visiting there, just not what I really wanted.

  • J. Chandler - Love this vacuum!

    I have had this vacuum for almost a year now and I still love it! I love that you can use it on carpet and tile and hardwood floors. It has a setting where you can turn the brush roll off so I don't worry about damage to the hardwood floors.

  • J. Francis - Eehhhh maybe you will like it.. not me!

    Almost gave a 5 star rate... OOPS! Maybe I would've if I felt the product worked the way everyone says it does. I followed directions and this didn't work for me. I saw a lot of good reviews so I pushed the negative reviews to the side and decided to try it but it wasn't what I expected . I was tempted to buy one more bottle to see if I need more time buuuttttt ... I won't risk it for a second time.. I would say try it and see how it works for u..

  • Motor Head - Excellent Battery Charger with Temperature Compensation

    I studied the specifications of many battery chargers and reviewed their customer feedback on amazon.com before I chose the BatteryMINDer 2012 charger.

  • Integrity Counts - CHARMING AND FUN!

    I thoroughly enjoyed No Such Luck. The lovable main character, Riley, is flawed but funny, thanks to her self-deprecating inner thoughts as she reluctantly looks for love with an arsenal of deep insecurities and a powerful sense of being cursed. I completely related to her and laughed out loud at many of her cringe-worthy encounters with some epic bad dates. The story unfolds with wonderful twists that kept me reading until the last terrific page. Having spent over ten years in Boston, I loved how the author had done some serious research to capture what makes it such a magical city. I've been feeling burned out from watching all the news lately, and I was surprised how this "charming" story offered an uplifting affirmation that I really enjoyed escaping into every night. I'm a HUGE fan of Caitlin McKenna, and this latest book is another hit that I think someone in Hollywood should snap up and make into a Rom-Com feature film! Can't wait for her next book!