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  • norman f kraker - AMAZING BOOK A MUST READ.

    I baught the first edition recently. i found it to be a wonderful and educational read for a novice investor like me .The only minor fault i found with it was i felt it was a bit out dated due to the fact that it was written wel before the ' 08 crash. I was surprised that mr Kelly decided to updated the book when so many other authors idecided to hide their heads or blow a lot of hot air to hide Thier egos from taking a beating like the recent market crash. I was very. Happy that mr Kelly embraced the crash by including it in this book. It's even more informative than the previous edition and simply the best investment book I've read. To date, mr Kelly has very simple explanations and examples that included lesson to be learned from the recent crash, he gives a very practical investment strategy that I look forward to implementing,so if your are hesitant to get back in the market after the last few years of uncertainty let this book walk you back into the market confidently, thank you mr Kelly.

  • Betsy - This eye drops is great for my dry eyes

    This is without question the best drop I have ever used and I have used plenty. My dry eyes get relief at least for 3-4 hrs depending on conditions.