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API, Pharmaceutical Intermediate, Pharmaceutical Chemical, Bulk Drug - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Beijing Felicity Pharm Co.,Ltd engaged in Pharmaceutical Chemicals raw material and medicine intermediate reserch,with production.and sales.We pay more attention to new drug development, Pharmaceutical raw material,medicine intermediate and sales.

  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/cetirizine-12288-hydrochloride--254497-1819629.html Cetirizine Hydrochloride - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C21H25ClN2O3•2(HCl) Molecular Weight:461.81 CAS No:83881-52-1 white crystalline powder and hygroscopic
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/doxorubicin-12288-hcl--254497-1819692.html Doxorubicin hcl - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C27H29NO11•HCl Molecular Weight:579.99 CAS No:25316-40-9 white powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/epirubicin-hcl--254497-1819728.html Epirubicin hcl - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C27H29NO11•HCl Molecular Weight:579.99 CAS No:56420-45-2 cardinal red or orange red powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/oxaliplatin--254497-1819747.html Oxaliplatin - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C8H12N2O4Pt Molecular Weight:395.27 CAS No:61825-94-3 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/tetracaine--254497-1819836.html Tetracaine - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C15H24N2O2•HCl Molecular Weight:300.83 CAS No:136-47-0 white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/loratadine--254497-1819855.html Loratadine - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C22H23ClN2O2 Molecular Weight:382.89 CAS No:79794-75-5 White or white powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/asarone--254497-1819944.html Asarone - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C12H16O3 Molecular Weight:208.25 CAS No:2883-98-9 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/telmisartan--254497-1819972.html Telmisartan - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C33H30N4O2 Molecular Weight:514.62 CAS No:144701-48-4 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/nateglinide--254497-1820013.html Nateglinide - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C19H27NO3 Molecular Weight:317.43 CAS No:105816-04-4 White crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/tiopronin--254497-1820070.html Tiopronin - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C5H9NO3S Molecular Weight:163.19 CAS No:1953-02-2 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/ozagrel--254497-1820079.html Ozagrel - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C13H12N2O2 Molecular Weight:228.25 CAS No:82571-53-7 White or white crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/granisetron-hcl--254497-1820087.html Granisetron hcl - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C18H24N4O.HCl Molecular Weight:348.87 CAS No:107007-99-8 White crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/ambroxol--254497-1820096.html Ambroxol - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C13H18Br2N2O•HCl Molecular Weight: 414.57 CAS No:23828-92-4 White or light yellow crystalline powder
  • http://felicityexport.en.ecplaza.net/azithromycin--254497-1820235.html Azithromycin - Felicity Pharmaceutical Co Lt - Formula:C38H72N2O12 Molecular Weight:749.00 CAS No:83905-01-5 White or white crystalline powder

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  • Nicholas M. - Amazing, makes your beer better.

    Fantastic. Simply Fantastic. If you really appreciate beer like myself, then this gadget is the right one for you. I got it from BrookStone, (which by the way were a big help), and from there pick up a 12 pack of Miller High Life (one of my favorite cheap beers) and the look on my face was priceless. I wasn't expecting much but it totally defeated my expectations. At the end of the next day I had to try something better, so I grabbed a 6 pack of Blue Moon and a few other Craft Beers. Again, made it 1000x better, I had to show my family and I got nothing but positive feedback. I have even tried the nitros (which I regret buying) and showed little improvement in my beer, then I bought this and It was instantly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can't wait to see what they have in store next.

  • David P. - Sturdy but light. Excellant quality at this price point.

    As other have said this unit does "Snap" together. Once assembled properly it is quite sturdy. My 90 lb lab is a little too tall for the doorway and his back can rub giong out. I put it on a pallet so going in its a step up so he doesnt hit in that direction.

  • natasha james - these shoes are really great I was a kind of apprehensive of buying cause ...

    these shoes are really great I was a kind of apprehensive of buying cause of the price but after receiving it I sincerely feel it worth every penny