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  • Tim Ford - Brass Polish/Metal Polish

    This is an excellent product. A non-messy way to maintain the luster of your brass products. I own a bullet keychain co. and I use it as a final polish on every product I ship. It also helps or retards tarnishing. Nothing will keep brass from doing so, but this product helps. The polish is contained in pieces of cotton wadding. Just break off a small piece and rub the brass till you see some transfer of tarnish(blackining). I then polish with a paper towel to remove the residue and follow with a microbiber or soft cloth. The result is worth the effort.

  • Thomas M. Zabala - Product worth considering

    I have been using this Nioxin product for a number of years in combination with their shampoo/conditioner products and medically prescribed Propescia. As a result I have been able to retain a good head of hair at my age when my family heritage predicted male pattern baldness.

  • Doug Johnson - Let the buyer beware . . . .

    Bought this middle of last year as an early Christmas gift for my niece. We FINALLY opened it and tried to use it this past weekend. The machine could not even read the disc. Did all the troubleshooting steps -- reboot, try another disc (no trouble there), wipe the disc (not in a circular manner -- like the manual indicates), nothing worked. The product cannot get damaged sitting in a closet for seven months, so it was either already in such poor condition to begin with or it was damaged during shipping (the package did not appear damaged or I would have investigated then). Anything you receive from this company -- open, inspect and test it immediately.

  • chris long - i like that the size of the item gives a feel ...

    i like that the size of the item gives a feel of realism, the switches are neatly identified and easy to use. i would like to see this panel made for a twin, with twin mags. it took me several hours to get the panel working, i had to search for drivers that would work with windows 10, (satiek offers no drivers for windows 10) i would have liked to have had the drivers cd come with the panel. other then that i love the addition of using the panel. it makes things much more simple to operate and run down checklist. i would recommend this addition to anyone who is serious about flight simulator. i plan to order radios in the near future to go along with my panel. i love that when flying in a retractable gear aircraft, that i am able to glance to confirm gear down with the three green lights.

  • anola martin - no good

    The belt rolled up from the bottom a lot and still have not seen results. I use the product every day, twice a day as recommended and do the sucking in of the tummy and stii no results. I hate I wasted my money

  • StarlaMom - Can't Stand the Smell :(

    I give this 2 stars because it is at least organic and has Zero toxins in it. Other than that, I hate this stuff! I had high hopes and really wanted to like it. I thought it smelled great when it was still in the bottle but after bathing my son and myself in it, it left an awful smell on the both of us. I didn't realize it at first but it was BAD! I honestly think it's the orange oil because it smells acidic. It also dried out his skin :( I would be more inclined to use it if it smelled better and didn't dry out my baby's skin.

  • Jonathan Peara - The sample does a good job of displaying the product.

    The sample does a good job of displaying the product. It is a very fine screen that should prevent anything but water from entering the gutter. The sample does not demonstrate how an installer would connect individual pieces of the mesh together. I would have appreciated pricing information.