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  • Jacklyn - I purchased two boxes of these last week. I ...

    I purchased two boxes of these last week. I tested on 11 DPO and got a negative when FOUR other brands/types gave me a positive. I went to the doctor two days later and it was confirmed I was pregnant. These did not work for me.

  • whatevrworks - I use it in my RV when it's in storage and it does a great job controlling moisture

    This is a giant bucket of damp rid! I use it in my RV when it's in storage and it does a great job controlling moisture. Comes with a cover than can be re-used so when the RV is going out on a camping trip you can put the cover on and put the damp rid away.

  • Revconguy - I love this stuff!!

    While I didn't buy my first can from Amazon, I will in the future. I love this stuff. I'm a fanatic about keeping my cars new looking and will now keep a can in my detailing box. After washing the engine with Gunk gel engine cleaner, I started the motor and let it warm up to dry off the water. I then shut off the engine and while still warm, I applied the shine detailer. I hour later, I had a like-new shiny engine compartment. I can't really speak toward it's durability yet, but it really seems like a great product. So far, I've done my Honda Odyssey, wife's Honda Pilot, my F150 pickup truck, and my Saturn SL2 backup car. They all look great! Hmmm...I'm wondering if there are some off-label uses for this engine shine.... I think I'm fixing to have the shiniest lawn mower in the neighborhood by this afternoon.

  • A.Dream - Works On All Sorts of Things

    I buy this product from my local Meijers and I love it! I picked it up as an impulse buy while going through the ethnic products section because I'd always been curious about tea tree oil. I'd been having issues with acne and other things. I use it on any acne I have and it always calms it right down. If I get a cut or scrape, I put this oil on. I have always healed slowly and easily get infections, but I heal much faster and without any infection when I use this product. I started using it on my navel piercing and it keeps it moving freely as well as taking care of any irritation or infection trying to become established in the area. It's a very dry oil and I use it on my face and body where ever I'm hesitant to use even a gentle moisturizer because I never break out when I use this. I also have eczema and I've noticed that this product calms that right down as well. I started using this product after shaving and/or using depilatory creams and have noticed less irritation than normal.

  • Anna - Awesome joovy that doesn't disappoint

    Love this stroller. Already owned the joovy zoom for my older child and this one does not disappoint. Folds easy and coverage from the sun for my infant is the best I've seen for this size stroller. Easy to assemble and so far I've had it for about 1-2 months and it is doing well on daily walks and outings. Folds pretty flat and doesn't require too much space. Great stroller for the price and this brand is so much better than the BOB in my opinion. You get more for your money with accessories that come standard.

  • Dangs - Would be a five star product if it created more suds

    Burt's Bees rarely disappoints with their products, and this is another great one. Gets our toddler nice and clean, he doesn't seem to have any issues with the shampoo and it has never caused him any irritation or skin issues. The product also lasts for quite a while, which is nice and helps to offset some of the cost.

  • Avacody - The Sole F63, what's great, and what's NOT...

    I no longer have this treadmill, and have been shopping for a replacement. Perhaps the BEST feature of this treadmill is the construction. It is SOLID, no cheap plastic rattling parts. Also, the console layout is user-friendly and basic, which to me is a huge plus, as I prefer manual workouts. ~~~the downside to the one touch controls is that they go up in vast increments...1, 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. (which is a huge increase in both speed and incline unless you are prepared to do burst workouts) There are speed and incline controls on the arms rails which I loved and used all the time to keep up with the one touch buttons on the main console.