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  • msnatural007 - Cantu Leave In Goodness

    I absolutely love this stuff! It is my go to product. No matter how many other products I try, I always come back to this one. I've read many reviews that said they were left with flakes and residue. I have never had that problem and I even mix it with other products. A little goes a long way. Good stuff. Try it.

  • Doris J. Gibson - It is just great.

    I have been using this for about 4 months. My edges and sideburns have been cleaned out for several years. I started using this

  • Anne White - Great Treadmill, but disappointed about manufacturer defect?

    After doing much research on treadmills, I decided on the Sole F63. It has the highest user ratings, consumer reports and treadmill doctor rate it a "Best buy" and by far, the best warranty in its price range. I purchased the Treadmill at Dick's Sporting Goods for $799.00 - it was on sale (they are bringing in the new models). I was estactic to get the treadmill for this price, when just a few weeks ago, it was going for $899.00. The treadmill is very heavy. I still am not sure how my husband and I got the thing down 6 steps. Putting it together was minimal. It took about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. I proceeded to start the treadmill and get to about 3 mph when I started hearing a rubbing sound. The belt was rubbing on the plastic motor cover on the left side. After further inspection, my husband noted that the left side of the motor cover has about 1-2" more plastic which is overlapping on the deck where the belt is rubbing against it. (I also ran the treadmill at 12mph (not with me on it though) and it makes a loud sound like someone is hammering on a wood floor. Don't know if this is a big deal as I will never get the treadmill to 12mph - (I am just a walker). But will mention if they send a service technician out). For the time being, my husband loosened the motor cover a bit and raised it to prevent the belt from rubbing aainst the left side of the motor cover. With the belt rubbing, it would have frayed the left side and destroyed the belt. I have emailed tech service at Sole (Sat. night) and am waiting a response. I think there must have been a defect when they manufactured the motor cover as one side is not the same as the other. I am hoping to just get a new motor cover and get back on my treadmill. I am a bit disappointed because you would think spending this much money on something, you shouldn't have any issues as such.

  • greatshot - Fit was spot on

    13W normal shoe size fit with 49E Shimano R088LE Wide Fit. Brand Cycles & Fitness had them in stock and did not show up on normal Amazon searches. Luckily I backed into them with other searched. Pricing was better, too.

  • sunny - it was actually i really good condition. I cannot compare if the book is ...

    The book was listed as used but when i got it, it was actually i really good condition.I cannot compare if the book is better than some other books out there, but my sit mate in school told me that my book is actually easier to search through words than hers.