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  • marlyx - at only 22$ this SoundPEATS Bluetooth Wireless Headphone is just perfect for me

    When I purchased this product I was a little hesitating just because I have one from Philips that I paid way to much for,

  • J. Piter - Bought 2 returned 2

    Bought a Nuwave PIC2 at a retail store with a coupon on Friday. Exchanged it Saterday. Tried new one this morning and it was able to scramble an egg, this was better than the first. Just tried it at a higher temperature, 275 and the surface of pan read 450. Removing pan did not give error message. This piece of junk will be boxed yp as soon as it's cool. There is no connection between the displayed temperature and reality. I'm checking temperatures with a non contact infra red thermometer. I asked at the store it many have been returned, was told no. I may be the only one around with a way to measure actual temperature. Only good thing is the shape and where the controls are, but since they really don't control anything in 2 examples, just have to put up with another shape.

  • Justsulliv - A good product.

    I bought this for after hernia surgery. It seems to help, and is much less painful than trying to do sit ups. I notice a difference in my posture when using it consistently as well. There are cheaper models available, but this one feels of a better quality. It did not give me rock hard abs, but that i contribute to the pizza.