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    City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Louise C. Cherry - Does the job

    Used the program for a new will, a end of life directive/medical directive. Program does what it says it will do.

  • Coqui - Great boot for hiking

    I was very pleasantly surprised! I got these boots 1/2 size larger than my shoe size to allow for more toe room and it made all the difference; it kept my feet dry, warm, and comfortable. Boot gave great foot support but not stiff.

  • Kerryb83 - Loved it!

    I received this book for an honest review. BB Hamel does it again. Great dark, mafia romance. Jodie is the daughter of an Irish mob boss but she doesn't know what her family does until they're murdered. Dante works for the Italian mob who killed her family and kidnapped Jodie to be a sex slave. Dante is tasked with keeping Jodie prisoner in his apartment but he doesn't like treating her so badly. The closer they get the more he distances himself from his mob family. Intense drama, hot and sexy, great book!

  • Cupcake - Don't use near a sunny window

    They're fine on smooth surfaces at regular room temperature, but you can't use them anywhere near a sunny window or heat register (everything comes crashing down), and they don't work on textured walls, even for light items. Our plaster has a sand texture. Although the package says smooth surfaces, I thought the might be fine for something light like a poster, but nope. It fell down after a few weeks.

  • Lisa K. - Good price but not that impressed.

    Not entirely impressed with it but it'll do. Overall great price; however, I had a few of issues with this mount. First being the bolts that came with it to mount the brackets to the back of the TV were too long even with the included spacers. Instead of using one spacer each on the top and bottom holes I just used both of them (on each side) on the top where there majority of the weight was. Second, with the screen attached the tilt just falls down and hangs there. I used the pins to keep it in place because otherwise it would simply tilt down all of the time. Kind of takes away the adjustability function. Third, there really isn't a lot of space behind the TV to adjust anything once you get it hung. In hindsight I probably should have bought one that has more directional functionality and that extended farther away from the wall in the event I needed to do anything behind the TV.