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  • LadyBoss Reviews - PLEASE GET THIS BOOK: Parents of Autistic Kids, Digestive Disorders, Learning Problems, Asthma, ADD, etc.

    I purchased this book as part of mandatory reading for my college course in herbalism and holistic health care. However, I would have enjoyed reading this book and learning about the GAPS Diet even without the requirement. There is a lot of really good information that is put into language that is easy to understand. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is a parent of an autistic child, or a child with ADD, or learning difficulties such as dyslexia, who is suffering from digestive issues, and more. It is also an important book for adults with some of these same problems, and especially for adults with digestive disorders such as IBS, Crohn's, and auto-immune diseases.

  • Noeffs Given - My network solution, finally...

    Absolutely, positively 5 stars. I have a small home, but problematic due to interference and older walls that just HATE wifi signals. I've tried all kinds of solutions. Today, for the first time ever, I was able to get the full speed that I've been paying for from my provider in one of the rooms that never could get a clear signal. Let me rephrase this... My computer generally would latch onto a neighbor's wi-fi network over hours, due to better connectivity.

  • Amazon Customer - Although this was considerably better than two other types of grinder I have tried ...

    It would only grind about half a pound of chicken breast before clogging. I would they have to take the front off and free the blades and start again. Although this was considerably better than two other types of grinder I have tried I do not feel I could recommend it. At least the suction worked well, and it remained firmly attached to the table.

  • Karen - It did work fine connected directly to my computer

    Tried two different orders of this item - would not work with my router, which ironically is a Linksys EA4500. I am not sure if the problem is with the router or the modem, so perhaps giving it just three stars is harsh. It did work fine connected directly to my computer, bypassing the router, but that's not very useful for us.