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Healing Arts of Emei Qigong - Chinese Medicine - San Diego, CA - Emei Qigong is a system of Zen healing that promotes strong physical health, emotional balance and spiritual enlightenment. It is simple, profound and powerful.

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  • Cheryl - Just as advertised...

    We actually bought this for use on our houseboat inside or outside. Great to have an extra burner that does not heat up the kitchen or if needed by the outside grill. The only issue is finding cookware that works with it. Be sure you take a magnet with you when buying that. If the pans are not magnetic, the burner does not work with it. I have seen some cookware that claims to work with induction but really does not.

  • arka - Weak strings

    I got this racquet yesterday and the stock string broke after 2 hours of play. I racquet seems pretty good with very light weight and good feel but the strings were not good.

  • Satisfied Customer - I forgot why I stopped using these, so I ...

    I forgot why I stopped using these, so I bought one for a big 'spray can project'. What happens is the spray accumulates inside the housing (the round part), and before you're done spraying, it starts DRIPPING on your work. But watch this: I (had it on the workbench) used a grinder to cut away much of the housing, leaving the bottom ring intact to snap onto the spray can. It worked!

  • ktfireball - 2013 Quickbooks Accountant

    Please do not download the 2013 Accountant version of the upgrade. WE did and had huge problems. The YTD earnings were set to Zero so when i did my first payroll run on the new version the taxes were not calculated correctly. After 2 days of phone calls the problem is still there. They KNOW OF THE PROBLEM AND ARE WORKING ON A PATCH. I DO PAYROLL FOR 110 EMPLOYEES SO THIS IS NOT AN ANSWER. I had to switch back to the 2010 version and hope they get it fixed before the May 31 termination date. I also had problems with the Accts Payable, for some reason the class field was missing on the payment screen. Yet another employee had it on her computer.. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT.

  • KMac - I like this because it is easy to use - it ...

    I like this because it is easy to use - it comes with a dropper that has a measurement line which I have not seen on other brands. I like that it has the measurement line because it makes it easy to know how much to use, and other brands you just have to guess. I felt a little tingle on my scalp where the treatment was applied. So far I have been using for about a week and while I haven't noticed any regrowth yet (it is too soon to start noticing that) I have noticed that I am not losing as much hair. There is less and less hair in my drain after a shower and I haven't been noticing a lot of hair in my hair brush like i used to see. I will have to keep using this to see if my hair starts to grow back.

  • Fred Enobakhare - Altima Key

    I can not ask for any better. It worked perfect. Price was reasonable and had a local locksmith program it for $50.00.