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  • chris - All you need to know is that is a K&N....

    The most effective oil filter for the family car is made by K&N in my book. You will like the hex head top for easy on and off.

  • SHARON442 - Just a warning -

    Might not be the same for everyone, but taking this caused cystic acne and complete changed the texture of my skin. I did not realize it was the biotin that was the culprit of my rash/acne until I stopped using it. I thought "must be hormones". But I'm 20. For me to go my whole life with clear skin and for it to all of a sudden come and cover my entire face/neck, was very odd. If you start to break out while using this. STOP TAKING THE BIOTIN. Your face will clear up. "Thicker hair and nails" aren't worth a face covered in painful cystic acne. I promise you that.

  • J. Koble - You still have to make the hard decisions!

    This is useful for prompting you to think through and decide on all the important end-of-life decisions we face. For a simple estate I think this book might be sufficient, but any time you have doubts or can't easily answer the questions, you need help. No, I am not a lawyer, and yes, they are expensive. Only you can decide if you want to leave a mess behind!

  • Ellen - Great so far

    So far so good. I lost about 4 pounds in 3 weeks. I spoke with Amy at NatureWise and she answered all of my questions and was very pleasant. I received a free bottle a few days later. Hopefully I will continue to lose weight.