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  • And u - buy it

    This is a great game but I have had some issues with my wii censer picking up my movements while I'm holding the wii remote. And jumping jacks aren't ideal for someone who lives on the second floor of an apartment building.

  • Starkysdad - Not compatable with all TV's on the list.

    I was led to believe by Amazon *and* Samsung that this unit would function properly with a Samsung UN55ED7550 model television. All features worked for the upgrade, but the wireless connection for the TV vanished. After two in-home visits by Samsung service and a professional installation, they suggested a bad unit was received from Amazon. That unit was graciously replaced by Amazon but the replacement had the same symptom of wireless interface shut-down. Now I am stuck with a non-functional block of epoxy. I will attempt to return it, but have little expectation of success.

  • Painted Lady - Very representable company. Razors are great at well.

    Unfortunately these razors didn't work out so well for me. I have very sensitive skin and the razor wound up giving me razor burn the second time I used it. The company sent me a follow up email asking me how I was doing with the razors and I proceeded to let them know it was nice of them to ask, but they were just not for me due to very sensitive skin issues. I just wanted to share that it is very rare that I have ever dealt with customer care as well as I did with them. I told them it was okay. I wold just use them like disposable razors, but they were determined to make me happy. They sent me the 4 inline razor instead of 6 at no cost. They work much better for me. Everybody is different. I was just blown away with the care this company puts towards its customers. They sent me some of the 4 inline razors instead which work great for me. They do not give me razor burn and the aloe strip seems to last longer. It's a great razor. The handle alone is so nice and the way it was crafted I'd perfect for daily use. I guess it all depends on the kind of skin you have, but the seller went above and beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with my razors and knowing what kind of company this is I will be doing my purchasing from them in the near future. Thank you Dorco for being so accommodated towards your customers needs. You are an excellent company and Amazon should be proud to represent a Company of your caliber. You are really about making the buyer happy and I will be pleased to do business with you in the future. Than you for being so dedicated.

  • Reflection Haiku - Bring Aesop Home

    This dazzling Classic Edition of AESOP'S FABLE has my initial concern that the advanced choice of compound words may be too difficult for my young children - but it quickly evaporated as they, intrigued by Aesop's unique fable power, struggled to pronounce them, asked about their meanings and moved on to figure out what had happened and what did the moral say. Through the process, the reservoir of their vocabularies is expanding and these memorable lessons imprint in their minds. The Frog and the Ox. The Wind and the Sun. The Fox and the Grapes. 53 Aesop's best fables were accompanied with magnificently artworks done by distinguished illustrators such as Charles Bennett, Milo Winter and Percy Billinghurst. Bring Aesop home and the kids will be naturally attracted to read about those silly (or wise) animals that act just like real human beings.

  • Chelle - Do NOt WASTE your money!

    A tale of caution,if the reviews sound too good to be true be careful don't believe the hype. I bought this product solely on the rave reviews and I so regret doing that. I mainly bought this product to stimulate my appetite and gain weight because I have always had a hard time gaining weight. This did absolutely nothing to stimulate my appetite or help me gaing weight, once again you will be wasting your money if you buy this, and on another note some of those raving reviews might of been provided by the company that sells this product.