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  • RRNMCW - Easy to apply

    I like how easily this product goes on. The applicator is very comparable to liquid eyeliner. It can burn if you open your eyes right after applying, but if you keep your eye closed for a minute or two and fan it a bit, you're totally good! I'm committed to stay consistent with using this product as I am looking forward to the results. One thing I would have liked are more detailed instructions/information. There were basic instructions on the box, but nothing on the bottle and no paper insert. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • M. barter - dangerous product

    This product is dangerous! I wish I had purchased on this site so I could send it back without having to pay nearly $25.00 to send back the product that I used. If one has liver damage, heart disease or a myriad of other health problems, the fine print warns not to use it.

  • teresa - Bought this at walmart for my first pregnancy

    This actually does work on reducing the appearance of stretch mark's but no it does not work overnight this lotion takes time you need to be using this everyday on the belly & hips...my sister's never used this as they claimed "it didn't work" but in reality they was not putting it on everyday and they gave up after 2 weeks...i am the only one who used this during my pregnancy beginning in the second trimester and guess what i barely have stretch mark's and the few i do have are extremely light and barely noticable while my sister's have them all over there stomach...my boyfriend used to say he wouldve never thought i had a child if he did not meet my child himself lol because my stomach does not look like it carried a child...i was just never a fan of the smell in this because being pregnant you are sensitive to a lot of smells.

  • curtistasia - take the time for this one

    This books is not much different that the talks I have heard from him through Leadership Summit. The first time I heard from Hybels was 2013, and to this day I know that what I hear was good but have been in such a whirlwind since that I can not remember the topic(I have ALOT of notes somewhere from it).