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  • Dan Roden - Excellent jack

    I was worried with the reviews saying it came in too small, i wear large for tshits / polo shirts so i got large in this. It fits perfectly.

  • Francis J. Indihar - K-1's in question

    Last year your entries for K-1's "Low income housing" such as "Boston Capitol" series did not agree with my CPA's entries. So he said use his entries instead. This years , I just don't know whose I'll be using. I recognize it's complex. I used "Tax Cut" and your instructions.

  • Candi - taste good but let's see if I can give a 5 ...

    Have only been drinking it for 4 days...taste good but let's see if I can give a 5 stars at the end of 2 weeks. I'm looking to have more energy than anything but would also like to detox and on my way to weight loss...and like others have said, it's healthy which I need!

  • F. Donald - NOT RECOMMEND

    Roxio has once again failed to provide the user with a selective installer (i.e., install and removal is all or nothing), gives no consideration to the size of the installation (e.g., conscious software vendors are responsive to SSDs and user needs), and no user input as to which third party applications, services and startups are installed/enabled. Conversely, the software does not properly remove registry entries, files and folders when uninstalled.

  • dr. cliff - Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing.

    I bought this to address a flea infestation in my home. I tried to avoid 'bug-bombs' because I have a toddler who jams everything into his mouth all day long. When I sprayed it around baseboards, and on the furniture, I could actually see fleas jumping away, so I thought we were really onto something. Fleas really HATE this stuff! But 48 hours later, the fleas are still here. I think all this stuff did was make them angry for a few minutes. If it kills fleas, you must have to drown them in it. This product represents a complete waste of my time and money, AND three extra days of flea misery before I resorted to bug-bombong the house.