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Home - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich | Health Centered Dentistry - Dr. Martha Rich has been practicing health-centered dentistry for more than thirty years. Her offices are located in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon.

  • http://drmartharich.com/about/ About - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - Dr. Martha Rich is a dentist who practices and teaches in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about her at drmartharich.com.
  • http://drmartharich.com/services/ Services - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - An overview of the dental treatment and services available at the offices of Dr. Martha Rich in Portland, OR.
  • http://drmartharich.com/resource-index/ Resource Index - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - A complete listing of all the resources created by Dr. Martha Rich to help you improve the health of your mouth, joints, muscles, and body.
  • http://drmartharich.com/blog/ Blog - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich | Health Centered Dentistry - Dr. Martha Rich has been practicing dentistry in Portland, Oregon for more than 30 years. Her blog explores preventive dental and healthcare issues.
  • http://drmartharich.com/resources/benefits-non-surgical-approach-tmj/ The Benefits of a Non-Surgical Approach to TMJ - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - Many cases of TMJ dysfunction are transient and can be stabilized with non-invasive treatment combined with a few simple changes to your self-care routine.
  • http://drmartharich.com/2014/09/problem-tmj-surgery/ The Problem with TMJ Surgery - Dr. Martha RichDr. Martha Rich - TMJ surgery may be useful in repairing a recent traumatic injury. For the average TMJ patient, however, surgery may create more problems than solutions.

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  • Angler2 - Great Product

    They are plastic, but they are a pretty good quality. Takes a few seconds to remove the old ones and put the new ones in. Just make sure you really snap the new ones in as they are a little more ridged than the black ones.

  • Chris - It's not bad at all

    People want to jump on the bandwagon and bash this guy without actually listening to his album. It's not bad at all. Give it a shot.

  • bktiger86 - its great...but quality isn't that good

    for a $15 dollar rubiks cube...its good as in terms of rotation and feel, but it is not that good when it comes to quality. the stickers starts to peel within 1 week of usage

  • vicki - Fantastic!

    I had to have a soda every day because without the caffeine I got a migraine. This allows me to not drink soda but also not get a headache. Fantastic!

  • rebecca Soares - BEST and FASTEST truck EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing truck!!!!! I've never had a better one! It goes sixty miles +, and is extremely durable! One warning, the servo went out on the second day, but it may just be me.

  • Pecos Bill - The glue to use when other glues just don't work

    This is not an easy glue to use. Be sure to read the directions, especially the part about needing moisture to get it rolling. If some other type of glue can do the job, you might want to try that first. It's also best if you have a way to clamp the pieces together for a couple of hours.