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  • Erik N. - Nothing Special

    This item is exactly what it looks like. You just slide it over the center console piece and let it sit there. It does come with the two sided tape to make it stick securely on to the console. However, after reading the other reviews I decided against using the tape and instead just let it sit. This worked fine until I had my doors off and went over 60MPH, at which point my new Tire Tread ArmPad decided it wanted to be a plane and fly out the door of my Jeep. If you buy this, I recommend using the tape that comes with it.

  • divine dee - Lucy and Desi

    Very good hard to believe how their life really see the Tv show and really are in love...but quite a different story in reality. It is heartbreaking. Wish their real life could of been the same as their Tv life. If you are a fan the book will upset you...but reality is reality.

  • robpenn - A valuable and essential tool for employers

    QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll provides the features, flexibility, and usability needed to manage and perform payroll accounting tasks with great efficiency.

  • Nettabird - I LOVE THIS THING.

    This is awesome! I hit the button when my toddler (who is afraid of it, but she'll get used to it) and I leave the apartment and when we come back there are fresh vacuum lines all over the carpets! Helps me keep clutter off the floor, too, since I know it's going to hit everywhere. Now I'm looking at a scooba too. Soon as I have more than 20 square feet of linoleum...

  • Sue Lynn - Great idea...

    Great idea! I've been using with Essie and OPI polishes- both fit very well. I was always afraid I was going to spill the polish by the weird angle I had to hold the bottle, but this solves the problem.

  • kristie bento - This blows your mind in a cryptic and familiar hint of what we knew and forgot but better remember quick!

    I chose this rating because this is the first book to put all the hints together and show how it all fits. And it really makes sense. It's what you know but your over rational mind blurs it out to preserve your ignorance. Because as Satin says, Ignorance is bliss. (For a time)