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  • Noteworthy – May 2016 | LAS VEGAS - Locally crafted spirits, Smoke Wagon Bourbon and Silver Dollar Vodka, win coveted awards at influential San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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    City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • James - I would recommend this camera

    Easy to fit and use for a small outlay. The bracket is a bit large and unsightly and the wiring untidy but functionality is good. Having tried the available playback software on a pc yet but playback on the unit is clear and sightseeing impressive too. Overall, great value for the money and it should give you all need from a dual lens unit.

  • BigL - Love it

    There's a definite decrease in signal strength vs the original, still works but depending on the station and where you're located you'll find yourself with a more limited choice of stations that have a cleaner reception. I was happy to live with that as I don't use the radio much, but then one day it popped off! The screw is still in place so it's not a case of the whole thing unscrewing, just the rubber part that's attached to the bottom screw came off. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be another replacement for the original (which I hate), so may get another anyway and keep a closer eye on it.

  • Rich - Nearly too late for me but richly welcomed and appreciated'

    If I had this information back in the 40's I would most likely remained in Catholisism. I failed to hear the Good News until I was in my mid-seventies with a non-denominational Evangelical Church. If I heard any of this when a child I was too young to understand but I am convinced that at the time in the "earlier" Church that this theology wasn't taught (or it went over my head). Very happy that it now entered my life while still able to comprehend it. I thank God now for being led to Richard Rohr by Wm Paul Young through his website and book,"The Shack".

  • Kemberly Martin - Timely & Imformative

    Thomas Horn is such an amazing researcher. This book lacks nothing. It's all there if you have the gutts to read it.