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  • KoJones - Good price, but greasy.

    I purchased this product with the hope of finding a less-expensive alternative to MoroccanOil, but there is really no substitute so far. The oil is packaged well, arrived very promptly and is a great price, but the aroma is of a slightly rancid sandalwood and the oil is not absorbed easily. It left my hair limp and greasy and was not pleasant smelling. I'll save it for using in a pinch, but wouldn't suggest it for thick, coarse, curly Mediterranean hair.

  • mia marie - bogus deal

    its just your run of the mill check register. it cost more for shipping than the item itself. ill save money by just going to the bank n picking one up.

  • JohnW - Fantastic Game! Review from a Beginner.

    I have never held a guitar, let alone played one, until yesterday afternoon when Rocksmith 2014 and my new guitar arrived. The extent of my guitar knowledge came from games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I had read some pretty amazing reviews about this game but, honestly, I was still skeptical that a tone-deaf individual, like myself, could benefit from this. My skepticism quickly dissipated once I began the lessons.

  • Christian Gaydos - Guess I have to play around with it some more

    I'm following the directions correctly. I either need to play around with it some more, since I have never used it before, or it could just be that my hair is too long to

  • litchmingo - Great Deal and Taffy

    I don't understand why anyone would go to a store to buy this product when you can get it so much cheaper on here. I have incredibly thick hair and this stuff keeps a nice hold on it all day long. I would recommend you try it!

  • GearHead - Poor Quality

    I ordered this board on January 31, 2013 and assembled my computer the following week without issues. In May, I start having issues with the computer randomly shutting down for no reason, this escalated over the next couple of weeks to being unable to post without going back to bios, and finally unable to post or access bios. Called Intel and they agreed the board was faulty and shipped a replacement overnight. The new board arrived and fixed the problems.