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  • Hdez - Not for oily skin.

    I bought this because I've always wanted to try a tinted moisturizer and most reviews seemed ok. I got it and tried it on for less than a month but it is basically thick sunscreen with foundation. It looks whitish on my skin when I first put it on and then looks oily...just like if you would put on sunscree! I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Yvette - One of the best hiphop albums this generation.

    Definitely one of the best and most pure hip-hop albums in a while. There are no features on this album with all the production coming from Cole himself. The lyricism is on point. He has a message and every song has meaning. Looking forward to his next album.

  • lthach - kinda works

    i use this product with the firming one. it has helped this appearance of stretch marks but not as much and as fast as i would. maybe because i should have used this before i started getting them. you just have to be on it with applying the cream twice a day for results.

  • Ima Rascal - Powerful little backup.

    Pretty powerful little gun. nice to have on hand when your main guns run out or when you need a backup weapon. This little gun sends out darts at a pretty powerful rate. Always wear eye protection when playing with these toys.

  • Christian Jones - Best thing since creatine.

    Fantastic product. Take one 15-20 mins before your workout and you're hyped up and ready to go. I throw up a lot more extra weight and I look a lot better. I think the issue with the majority of people that feel nausea are either not working out, or not consuming water with it.

  • BunGirl - It works better than anything else I've found to clean up those ...

    I would never attempt to potty train a puppy without plenty of this stuff in my arsenal. It works better than anything else I've found to clean up those "oops" moments that are bound to happen. And Amazon has the best price, about half what I used to pay at my local pet store.

  • cyalexi - BLU is the best value smart phone company in the world.

    Probably the best value I have ever gotten from a smart phone purchase. I love this little work horse. Get a 64 GB micro SD card and this phone will service all your basic needs and then some. I have convinced 6 people to buy BLU phones since I got mine and they are all thanking me. This is truly a great company and we should all pay attention to their entire line. My next phone is going to be one of the $200 phones. I can't go on enough about the value of this phone. Just get one for a laugh like I did, thinking I'd have it a month or two till the next line of Samsung comes out...and I just decided to ride it out cause I really don't need the Galaxy for anything besides the camera.