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API, Atorvastatin Calcium, Dantrolene Sodium, Pantoprazole Sodium - Hunan Dinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Hunan Dinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, established in 1997, located in National Biological Industry Base in Changsha, is a high technology enterprise mainly focused on the manufacture and marketing of APIs.

  • http://dinuopharma.en.ecplaza.net/telmisartan--302328-2332729.html Telmisartan - Hunan Dinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Name: Telmisartan Cas. No. : 144701-48-4 Purity: ≥99% on the anhydrous basis; Loss on drying:≤0.5%; Appearance of solution: clear, colorless; PH:5.0-6.0 Related impurities: The peak area of total impurities ≤1%; Heavy metal:≤10ppm ; Appearance: White crystalline ...
  • http://dinuopharma.en.ecplaza.net/atorvastatin-calcium--302328-2332724.html Atorvastatin calcium - Hunan Dinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Name: Atorvastatin calcium Cas.No.: 134523-03-8 Purity:≥98% on the anhydrous basis; Loss on drying: 3%~6% Specific rotation:-9°~-7° Related impurities: The peak area of total impurities ≤1%; the peak area of the individual impurity≤0.3%; Heavy metal:≤ 20 PPM ...
  • http://dinuopharma.en.ecplaza.net/pantoprazole-sodium--302328-2332738.html Pantoprazole Sodium - Hunan Dinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Name: Pantoprazole Sodium CAS NO.: 138786-67-1 Purity:≥98% on the anhydrous basis; Loss on drying: 4~6% PH: 9.5~11 Related impurities: The peak area of total impurities ≤1%; The peak area of individual impurity ≤0.3%; Heavy metal:≤20ppm; Appearance: ...
  • http://dinuopharma.en.ecplaza.net/dantrolene-sodium--302328-2332745.html Dantrolene sodium - Hunan Dinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Name: Dantrolene sodium Cas.No.: 24868-20-0 Purity :≥ 98.5%, on the anhydrous basis; Heavy metal:≤20PPM; Appearance: orange to dark orange crystalline powder, odourless and tasteless; Sparingly soluble in propanediol , slightly soluble in methanol, very slightly soluble in ethanol, ...
  • http://dinuopharma.en.ecplaza.net/bufexamac--302328-2332775.html Bufexamac - Hunan Dinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Name: Bufexamac Cas.No.: 2438-72-4 melting point:162~168℃ Purity: ≥98% on the anhydrous basis; Loss on drying:≤0.5% Heavy metal:≤10ppm Appearance: White or almost white crystal or crystalline powder, slightly effluvial, tasteless; Freely soluble in ...

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  • E. Korzenko - Amazing results

    Besides enjoying it straight out of the jar, I also applied the honey to my face after shower, and then washed it off after a few hours. My skin became glowy and smooth, and I also noticed less breakouts, it's like it instantly heals everything. I am amazed. I wonder how it is going to be after a week or so? I probably won't have to apply foundation anymore to cover the unwanted spots, the skin will become perfect naturally.

  • Stacy S. - Hot Mob Romance!!!!

    Sometimes bending is a good thing. After walking into the middle of the murder of her Irish mob family by the Italians Jodie is given to Dante to be "broken". From the beginning of this arrangement Dante feels uncomfortable and in no way wants any part of this, but he knows if he doesn't keep Jodie that some really bad things will happen to her. Over a short amount of time Jodie and Dante develop deep feelings for each other and he has to make a decision he never even thought possible. Dante bends Jodie to his will and its a good thing because it will take both of them to get out alive. This was another hit from B.B. and I look forward to more. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Michael C. Rowe - Try other remedy before spending $$ on this!

    I have been having problems with fingernail fungus for years. It started with one thumb and seems to be spreading to other fingers. It recently has gotten worse, so I thought I would go to the web and try to figure out a way to get rid of the problem. ZetaClear seemed like the solution, but it wasn't! I tried it consistently for a month with no change whatsoever. Then I remembered a solution that was mentioned in my initial research which suggested trying Vick's Vapor Rub (in the small blue container.) The people that mentioned this said it would take awhile to work. Well, instead of shelling out $70, I should have tried this for less than $5!! The first day I noticed a difference. It is working great and my problem is slowly fading. Use a Q-tip to work the medicine into the area under the nail, and cover with a band-aid for maximum effect. Try this cheap solution before you go blowing it on this stuff. Maybe it does work, but not for what ails me... good luck, it is a bothersome condition with few remedies.

  • Mali - Program Rental Scam by Adobe

    This is a scam. You have to pay $200 a year for this for the rest of your life...or you lose all of your files. You don't own it, you rent it.

  • MarsBar - Helping with the inflmmation

    Due to an old injury, I tore the tendon on my shoulder, I deal with periodic inflammation where I'll end up taking prescribed medications to help with it. I am on my 16th day of taking the turmeric supplement, and I have been able to tell the difference. The results are not immediate so don't expect immediate results. Be patient and take the supplements as directed and you'll start to notice the difference.